Review: X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1

Review: X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1 (of 5)

I’ve been waiting for this series for months now. When the Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire came to its lackluster conclusion, I was pissed that Havok, Marvel Girl and Polaris were stranded in space, seemingly to be forgotten. Polaris can take a walk, for all I care, but Havok is a different story. Marvel waited a few weeks (Or was it days? Regardless…) before announcing that the three X-Men and Vulcan would not be ignored, and Havok’s quest to kill his new little brother would be given five issues. How does his new limited series start off? Not bad, but not great. Yeah, I’m hedging.

Christopher Yost’s writing leaves something to be desired. Firstly, I’m beginning to worry that this book will resemble Claremont & Pacheco’s awesome Starjammers four-issuer from the mid-Nineties, in that a new alien menace is introduced that wants to destroy the Shi’ar, and the outlaw Starjammers must come to the rescue. Even more creatively, the new aliens call themselves the Scy’ar Tal, which everyone knows translates to “Death to the Shi’ar.” I swear, the ‘Jammers and Vulcan had better not put their differences aside to combat the Scy’ar Tal.

Another minor annoyance with Yost’s script is the characterization of the respective Summers brothers therein. Vulcan seems annoyed that the Shi’ar people don’t love him as Emperor, but when has he ever cared about how others view him? As for Havok, he falls into his no self-esteem trap again, and says that, “My brother Cyclops is a great leader.” Would he really be referring to his own brother by his codename, rather than calling him Scott?

The art? Ehh. It’s mostly inoffensive, but Paco Diaz has problems with chins in places. It’s like Marvel Girl’s real father is Jay Leno. Overall, it’s really not that bad though, other than the chins and the fact that Deathbird doesn’t seem to have any arms.

Overall, I’m really into it, because I dig X-Men in space, Havok, the Starjammers (even without Corsair), and Deathbird. Speaking of Corsair, he’s not as dead as first thought. This is only speculation on my part, but the end of Rise and Fall was ambiguous enough to have papa Summers return. You heard it here first.

Grade: 6/10


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