Sunday News EXPLOSION!

Lance Storm’s latest TV Thoughts discuss last week’s TNA and ECW shows. His new commentary starts with this paragraph:

If I can be serious for a minute, I think the wrestling business has lost its collective mind!! I am a HUGE wrestling fan; there is 6 (soon to be 7) hours of pro-wrestling programming on TV each week and I can’t stand any of it. I think the last thing I saw on TV that I liked was the CM Punk title victory over John Morrison on ECW TV 3 weeks ago. That is not to say there hasn’t been anything else good on the shows, there very well may have, but on the whole the shows have been so asinine, I’ve either stopped watching or turn it off early after regretting tuning in.

I think you can figure out where it goes from there. Great read, as always.

Irv Muchnick has updated his blog with commentary on whether or not he thinks Daniel Benoit had Fragile X Syndrome, which can be read here.

Alex Marvez interviewed Bryan Danielson about ROH’s Driven, whether or not he wants to go to TNA or WWE, and his Velocity match vs. John Cena that’s gained popularity on YouTube. You can read the interview here. has reported that WWE will be bringing some guys up from developmental soon to add to the depleted ECW roster.

Speaking of ECW, John Morrison was back this weekend, working the Peoria house show, as was Smackdown’s Chris Masters, according to Both are believed to have been suspended, and it has been around 30 days since that story broke. Masters was believed to have been suspended for 60 days, but it seems that was not the case.

TNA’s Leticia wrote a MySpace blog entry about being a finalist in the Maxim Hometown Hotties contest.

Victoria, Adam Copeland and Matt Hardy have also updated their MySpace blogs.

Finally, in Jim Ross’ latest blog entry he talks about HHH and The Rock’s feud, says he doesn’t think WWE wanted to release Marcus Cor Von (but his family situation necessitated it), comparisons of ROH to Mid South and more.

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