[NEWS] TV Guide Reveals Final Twists of Traveler Straight From the Creator

A simple summer show by the name of Traveler became a “cult hit” for ABC. It only had 8 episodes in its first season, but that was good enough to attract a following. Not a big enough one for it to remain on the air for ABC, though.

However, TV Guide got the inside scoop on what would have happened if Traveler would have continued, straight from the creator of the show, David DiGilio. Here is a sample of what he says in his blog:

Q4. Is Jack Freed dead?

Though Neal McDonough would hate to hear me say this, Jack Freed is dead. Yes, he was in the limo when it blew up. And, no, he did not blow it up himself. The Season 2 premiere was meant to begin with the same scene that ended season one, only this time we would see it from a new perspective. We would open on a small, remote control bomb packed with C4 as it tore down the damp, dark streets of New York. Unnoticed, it would zip past Jay, Tyler, and Will as they had their final conversation at the phone booth. Then it would slip underneath the parked limo, and we’d cut to the person controlling the bomb The Porter. As the Porter clicks the kill switch, BOOM! the limo, Freed, and our boys’ alibi, would again go up in smoke. Why did the Porter kill Freed? Because the Baron had given him orders that once he had identified the tyrant, the cancer had to be removed before evidence of the Branch could leak to the public. Which leads us to…

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