[SPOILERS] Heroes – Episode 2-2

Episode 2.02: Lizards
Airdate: October 1, 2007

With one person dead, Matt enlists some unlikely help as the attacks continue on people with abilities. Claire’s efforts to hide her healing abilities at her new California high school are jeopardized by a fellow student with a secret of his own. As part of his new job, Dr. Suresh must track down The Haitian. While crossing into Mexico, Maya and Alejandro’s abilities prove to be a threat to those around them. Meanwhile, disappointed by his hero Kensei, Hiro resolves to rectify any damage his presence in feudal Japan has done to history. And another lost Hero falls in with a gang of Irish gangsters with clues to his past.

“There’s going to be an interesting channel of communication,” said James Kyson Lee , who plays Ando. “I can’t reveal what, but it’s going to be such a great way of storytelling. What happens in one timeline may affect the other. For Ando, I think you’ll see him spending more time at Yamagato. Does he want to stay there? Probably not, after experiencing all that he did in season one.” Hiro won’t be the only one hopping through time.

Kensei’s power will be revealed.

There’s a new character named Monica who comes from a Katrina-ravaged area of Louisiana.

Dana Davis has joined NBC’s hit sci-fi drama Heroes as a regular, playing a new hot young hero. While her powers are being kept under wraps, it is understood that Davis’ character, Monica, would give up everything to help the people around her. Monica is a beautiful African-American in her late 20s. She is very kind to people and always thinks of them before taking care of herself.

This episode will feature Camilla, a southern woman in her 20s; cheerleader Camille; and Mr. Lakshmani, a 40-year-old Indian.

Guest Cast: Nick D’Agosto, Katie Carr, Ashley Crow, Cristine Rose, Barry Shabaka Henley, Dominic Keating, Holt McCallany, Eriko Tamura, Adair Tishler and Stephen Tobolowsky

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, NBC, Yahoo, Kristin on E!Online, TV Squad, HeroSite, The Hollywood Reporter

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