Scarecrows – DVD Review

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William Wesley


David James Campbell………Al
Victoria Christian………Kellie
B.J. Turner………Bert
Ted Vernon Corbin
Michael Simms Curry
Richard Vidan Jack

DVD Release Date: September 11, 2007
Rating: Unrated
Running Time: 83 Minutes

The Movie

A band of commandos have decided to go AWOL and with good reason. They managed to rob the Federal Reserve and make off with millions that could have them set forever, but first they’ve got to make sure they get away. Hijacking a plane piloted by a father and daughter, the group is on their way to a life full of riches and freedom in Mexico. But with a lot of money also comes a lot of greed.

Bert realizes what he has in front of him and knows that splitting it will take away from his share. So he does the only thing that makes sense for him. He grabs the money and parachutes out of the plane so he can have all the cash to himself. Before he left though, he managed to throw a grenade into the plane so no-one could follow him. But the others managed to get rid of it, and now Bert is enemy number one.

Corbin, Curry, and Jack leave Roxanne to keep the father and daughter hostage as they take off to find Bert and their dough. Landing in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere, they set out on their search, but have no success. The plan was to meet up with Roxanne and the hostages at a farmhouse and continue the search from there, but their problems range much bigger then just finding the money and getting revenge. They soon realize they aren’t alone in the cornfields and the living dead scarecrows have come to have the group join them.

As a kid, I first saw Scarecrows by staying up late one Saturday night and watching a bug-eyed scientist present this as his weekly movie on his show Dr. Morgus Presents. It was frightening as hell to me then and with good reason as it certainly has withstood the test of time. The film isn’t generally scary, but just creepy. And there is a ton of blood and gore to make any horror fan happy and anyone else suckered into watching it cringe.

Don’t sit down, get ready to watch, and expect any Oscar-winning acting. There are a lot of characters in the film to take away from anyone having to give a groundbreaking performance. The story is very simple as it takes a group of bad guys teaming up with a few innocents and set loose in a band of killer zombies. Scarecrows is a great film to watch any time but especially at Halloween. It just sets a good mood and even though it isn’t the best film, it’s some of the best cheese you can possibly find.

The Video

The film is shown in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format and looks really good for taking place entirely at night. Everything is easily visible and nothing is ever too dark so no squinting is necessary to make out who is who.

The Audio

The film is heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and the grunts and groans of the zombie scarecrows are heard beautifully. Every rip and shred of flesh can be heard clearly and disgustingly; sounds great.

Special Features


The Inside Pulse

The lack of special features is disappointing because a recent audio commentary would have been interesting considering it is some twenty years later. But alas, there isn’t a single thing to be seen. That hurts the overall score of the DVD, but doesn’t affect how enjoyable the film itself is. Scarecrows is one that should either be rented or picked up with Halloween approaching. It’s creepy, disgusting, gory, and has a few scares that will make adults laugh and cringe while the kids scream in excitement. This film brought back a lot of memories from my childhood and it is one that I will watch over and over again because it’s just nonsensical fun. Brraaaiinnnsss!

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