Missing Links on Hulk Hogan’s New Show, JR’s Blog, Cena Surgery Photos, Next Champion Teased, Torrie Wilson in China & More

WWE.com has posted photos of John Cena’s surgery and comments from other WWE Superstars about the injury and fan reactions. There’s also a poll on WWE.com asking fans to select who they want to be the next WWE Champion, with Val Venis leading the way as of this writing. Plus, the new No Mercy preview of the WWE Title match teases Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy and IC Champ Jeff Hardy (as well as “a Superstar who is not a member of the RAW locker room”) as possible future champions.

Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun has updated his wrestling blog with thoughts on WWE’s loss of John Cena to injury.

Hulk Hogan will host NBC’s revival of American Gladiators (although he hasn’t officially signed the contract yet, so hopefully Jeff Jarrett’s not involved)…

Daniel Puder recently won his MMA fight at the Playboy Mansion for Strikeforce, and you can read about it at SI.com and Yahoo! Sports. While he tells SI that he might go back to pro wrestling once he’s accomplished his MMA goals, in the Yahoo! article, he says, “I was in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)… And we had this one town in Kentucky we went to every week, it was basically an old barn. There were the same 20 people there every time, they all looked the same, they all had maybe three teeth each, and they all had the same name. Finally one night I walked in and saw all the inbreds and thought to myself ‘What am I doing with my life?'”

Lance Storm gives TNA suggestions for its two hour show in his latest commentary, and even volunteers (although tongue-in-cheek?) to read iMPACT! scripts before shows air to troubleshoot for logic!

Bryan Alvarez’ latest column on TheFightNetwork.com is on logic in pro wrestling.

Tommy Dreamer talks about his bandanna in his new ECW.com commentary

In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross writes about Edge’s return, the Canadian dollar, scripted promos, WCW & more…

In her latest MySpace blog entry, TNA Knockout Leticia says, “A lot of you have been wondering why I haven’t been on TNA lately. Creative took me off of the show for a little while to ‘create’ me a new role. I am still unsure what that is as of now but they did bring me back on the show last Thursday for a little interaction with the new interviewer Crystal. I love being on the show and I hope to be back full time soon! And when I do you better believe the ‘Instant Classic’ Christian Cage will get a taste of his own medicine from me….I miss our interviews but I can’t let him get the last word!”

Torrie Wilson blogs about being in Shanghai for the Special Olympics with Mick Foley.

Edge continues to blog from his road trip…

And finally, WWE Diva Search contestants Taryn and Jessica have updated their blogs as well.

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