Smackdown Storyline Spoilers

The Smackdown storyline about Teddy Long’s viagra-induced heart attack at his wedding to Krystal Marshall has been in the works for several months. For whatever reason, Michael Hayes was the one who wanted to do an angle about viagra. This was originally meant to head in the following direction, which may be changed umpteen times but SPOILER ALERT nonetheless. It would be revealed that Krystal and Vickie Guerrero conspired to get rid of Teddy all along, getting his medical records, finding out about his heart condition and working in the viagra. This would then lead to Vickie double-crossing Krystal and firing her. Krystal would then move to Raw, which was planned several months ago when her real-life boyfriend, Bobby Lashley, had a lot of pull with Vince McMahon. Now that he’s out injured until December, that might change. Vickie would then be left as a heel General Manager and feud with Rey Mysterio, in what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer dubbed a Hispanic and children friendly version of Vince/Austin. Another plan was to have Vickie start an on-screen relationship with a male wrestler on Smackdown, giving him preferential treatment and thus a lot of heel heat. Two names mentioned for that thankless role were Edge (due back by December at the latest) and Montel Vontavious Porter. Bear in mind that WWE has been changing a lot of storyline directions recently and none of this may actually come to pass.

Amid all this, the original plan was for Hornswoggle to be stripped of the Cruiserweight Title and then to have the title quietly retired. Again, this may have been altered since then.

Look for Mark Henry to be moved to Raw to feud with Triple H. Conversely, look for Umaga to be moved to Smackdown to feud with The Undertaker. At least the Hs and Taker aren’t swapping wives.

Sandman got into trouble during a flight home from South Africa. He had an unlit cigarette in his mouth and Ricky Steamboat, sat in front of him, reminded him he couldn’t smoke on the flight. Since it wasn’t lit and he was drunk, Sandman responded rather aggressively. Sandman was one of a handful of wrestlers pulled from the next show due to time constraints. He thought it was Steamboat trying to punish him and so went and asked for his release. John Laurinaitis gave him it.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 01 October 2007 (subscribe here)

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