2007-2008 NHL Predictions

The NHL season kicked off last weekend with the Kings and Ducks playing a two game series in London, England and with the Kings winning the first game it meant that they were the BEST team in the NHL…for 24 hours.

The rest of the league (and the Ducks once more) open the season tonight.

Eastern Conference Predictions:

15. Washington Capitals: Good to see the old logo back…that’s about it.
14. Boston Bruins: Not much of anything for the Bruins to hang their hopes on.
13. Montreal Canadiens: No offense but Brisebois is back!
12. Atlanta Thrashers: Short lived playoff life that could lead to a Hossa trade.
11. Florida Panthers: Voukon will certainly help but these ARE the Panthers
10. Carolina Hurricanes: Still the same roster that couldn’t get it done last season
9. Philadelphia Flyers: Made the moves but not enough to make the playoffs.
8. New York Islanders: Ended the season on fire and with Yashin gone, more money to work with
7. Tampa Bay Lightning: Goaltending still an issue but the offense is there
6. Toronto Maple Leafs: Drop off of elite teams is good news for the Leafs
5. Buffalo Sabres: Still loaded with enough talent to make a playoff appearance
4. New York Rangers: Remember when they SUCKED?
3 New Jersey Devils: Been a long time since they sucked.
2. Pittsburgh Penguins: Remember when they SUCKED?
1. Ottawa Senators: Dany Heatley has just signed a contract extension and most of the team remains intact.

Western Conference Predictions:

15. Phoenix Coyotes: Worst franchise in hockey
14. Chicago Blackhawks: They used to be the worst
13. Columbus Blue Jackets: I should have put them at 14th
12. Edmonton Oilers: Talk about desperation…all for nothing
11. Los Angeles Kings: A bunch of signings but still no bona fide #1 goalie
10. St. Louis Blues: A team to look out for with Andy Murray behind the bench
9. HAMILTON Predators: The wrong kind of sale went on in Nashville
8. Dallas Stars: Offense is the question because Turco will be fine in goal
7. Calgary Flames: Just enough talent to keep the playoff streak going but not looking good
6. Colorado Avalanche: A year away from the playoffs is enough
5. Minnesota Wild: Young goalie will lead the way for a team on the rise
4. Anaheim Ducks: Cup Champs still have holes to fill
3. Vancouver Canucks: Luongo has given this entire team the confidence they missed
2. Detroit Red Wings: Been a long time since they sucked, too
1. San Jose Sharks: So can this be the year already? Roenick would hope so