TNA President Speaks

TNA held its monthly conference call today (click here for a recap of the call from SLAM! Wrestling), featuring 15 minutes with TNA President Dixie Carter. Some notable quotes…

On tomorrow’s first two-hour iMPACT! episode:
“It featured all the guys that brought us to the dance. There wasn’t anybody stealing the thunder of those that had worked so hard to gain this two-hour spot.”

On going head-to-head with WWE on Mondays:
“At some point, I think and hope that we do go up against them.”

On the benefits of a longer show:
“When we were faced with 42 minutes, it gives you time to get three or four things across, which is still not that much — it felt too rushed. When you slow it down and do it the way it should be done, you’re only getting maybe one or two things across, and that’s not enough. We’ll see. I’m very confident that this two hours is going to allow us to spread our wings and do what we do best.”

On Judas Mesias’ injury:
“He is still injured and it could be another four to six weeks. We found out, literally, I believe the day before our two-hour taping that he had suffered an injury off a ladder in a main event match down in Mexico. He was in the hospital. He’s recuperating right now. As for Bound For Glory, I’m not sure to what extent he’ll be able to participate.”

On drugs:
“TNA has an active drug policy that’s in place which prohibits the use of all illegal drugs, or unprescribed medication of any kind, and obviously that includes steroids. For some time, we’ve been reviewing this policy to make sure that it protects our talent and maintains a safe, productive and really drug-free environment for these guys to work. This is, in my opinion, both a legal and a moral responsibility. We’re looking at better educating our talent, our families, as well as those who work with them, about the dangers of such substances. Rehabilitation is a big part of that. This is an area that continues to evolve and we’re all continuing to understand it better. No one has all the answers right now, but we will be adjusting policies accordingly.”

She also talks about house shows, touring in Canada, doing special programming with Spike over the course of the four-year deal and more.