Hitting Shelves This Week…

October 2, 2007


Mike Enslin specializes in the paranormal, but after the death of his daughter and lack of proof; he’s beginning to become somewhat of a skeptic. He soon checks into room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel and a fabled room where no-one last more then an hour, he may finally get the proof he has been looking for.

DVD Features: Two-disc and single disc versions available, audio commentary, trailers, “Inside Room 1408” featurette, “John Cusack On 1408” featurette, and much more

The Blue Planet: Seas Of Life

Witness life under the water as the deep and exotic world of the seas is revealed in four installments: “Ocean World/Frozen Seas,” “Open Ocean/The Deep,” “Seasonal Seas/Coral Seas,” and “Tidal Seas/Coasts.” A fifth installment is also included in the set.

DVD Features: Documentaries, interviews, photo galleries, numerous featurettes

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Collector’s Edition

Bram Stoker’s famed tale about the Lord Of The Vampires gets the two-disc special edition treatment in all its bloody glory. Count Dracula heads to London to reunite with his soul mate Mina and make her his forever.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, video introduction by Francis Ford Coppola, deleted scenes, theatrical trailer, numerous featurettes

Caligula: Imperial Edition

Witness the rise and fall of the most violent Roman Emperor in the course of human history, Caligula. His strange ruling ways and horrible treatment of not only his people but also his family is shown in true fashion in this three-disc set with the entire 160 minute version of the film.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, interviews, making of, theatrical trailers, DVD-ROM content, photo gallery, and much more

Criminal Minds Season Two

An elite group of profilers work together to decipher codes, solve clues, and get inside the minds of the most dangerous criminals so they can figure out their next moves before it is too late.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season, gag reel, deleted scenes, making of, “Profilers, Profiled” featurette, “Behavioral Science” featurette, “Meet Kirsten Vangsness” featurette

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

The Fantastic Four proved their worth as superheroes capable of saving human race from the evil of Dr. Doom, but now they must save the entire planet. Super-being Galactus, known as the “planet-eater,” and his herald the Silver Surfer have now made Earth their next target.

DVD Features: Two-disc and single disc versions available, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, alternate/deleted scenes, making of, and numerous featurettes

Funny Face: 50th Anniversary Edition

It has been fifty years and fashion mogul Dick Avery is still searching for the perfect face to showcase as the next great model. But his searching doesn’t take long as he finds bookstore clerk Jo Stockton who is the perfect model she never even realized she was.

DVD Features: Photo gallery, trailers, “The Fashion Designer & His Muse” featurette, “Parisian Dreams” featurette, “Paramount In The ’50s” featurette

Entourage Season Three Volume Two

Vince, Eric, Turtle, Ari, and Johnny are all back in L.A. and ready to do some serious partying. But things can’t always be fun and games as some of the boys come into some trouble in the third season and have to deal not only with moving but wondering what to do when their budget isn’t as big as they thought it was.

DVD Features: The remaining 8 episodes from the third season

How I Met Your Mother Season Two

The multiple Emmy winning show is back for its full second season with tons of awkward moments and lots of laughs. Ted is still trying to find “the one” and just knows it’s got to happen sooner or later, right?

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season, audio commentaries, music videos, outtakes

Jericho The First Season

Almost every Americans’ greatest fears have come true as a series of terrorists’ nuclear attacks have left most of the country in ruins and millions dead. But the residents of a small town in Kansas are banding together and trying to come to grips with the new reality that faces them everyday.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season, audio commentaries, “Building Jericho” featurette, “What If?” featurette

The Jungle Book: 40th Anniversary Edition

After forty years, the “Bear Necessities” are still some of the greatest lessons that anyone can ever learn. Mowgli learns the ways of the forest with his best friend Baloo the bear as they try to steer clear of the crazy King Louie and evil Shere Khan.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, still frame art gallery, “The Lure Of The Jungle Book” featurette, “The Lost Character: Rocky The Rhino” featurette, “Mowgli’s Return To The Jungle” featurette, games, and much more

Misery: Special Edition

World renowned novelist Paul Sheldon thinks his life is over after his car crashes in a snow bank in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for him that Annie Wilkes happened by and rescued him and plans on nursing her favorite author back to health. It may have actually been better for Paul if he had never been found.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, theatrical trailer, teaser trailer, “Misery Loves Company” featurette, “Profile Of A Stalker” featurette, “Diagnosing Annie Wilkes” featurette, and much more

The Sarah Silverman Program Season One

Sarah is an unemployed thirty-something that still behaves as if she is ten years old. Luckily she has her sister Laura, Laura’s boyfriend, and her two gay neighbors to help her through even the easiest everyday situations.

DVD Features: All 6 episodes from the first season, karaoke sing-along, trailers, musical performances

Shark Season One

Sebastian Stark is a tough and ready for anything lawyer that is about to head up his toughest task yet. Stark is going to change things as he gets set to take over the head of a high profile crime unit of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season

Species: Collector’s Edition

When an intelligence division on Earth receives a transmission form outer space on how to alter human DNA and mix it with alien DNA; scientists feel a breakthrough has been reached. Their first experiment turns out to be a beautiful half human woman-half alien that also has a dark side and will kill anything in her path.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, trailers, behind the scenes, alternate scenes, making of, photo galleries

Species IV: The Awakening

College professor Miranda Holander is the prime suspect in a murder that she knows she had nothing to do with. Soon she learns a secret from her scientist uncle that she is really a half human-half alien hybrid and must do battle with evil beings like her to survive.

DVD Features: None

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Complete Series

Set ninety-five years into the future after Captain Kirk’s five-year mission, a new generation on a new Enterprise captained by Captain Jean-Luc Picard set out to go where no man has gone before. And they’re going to do it on forty-nine, yes forty-nine discs in this huge set.

DVD Features: All 176 episodes from the entire series