Jim Ross on Cena’s Injury, SAVE_US.222 & More

In his latest blog entry, he writes this about John Cena’s injury:

I was saddened to hear of John Cena’s torn pec injury after the news came out Tuesday from Dr. James Andrews office in Birmingham, Alabama. John is one of the hardest working WWE superstars I have ever had the privilege of working with over my many years with the company. Yeah, I know some of you are not Cena fans, but no one who pays attention or knows what is really going on can ever fault John Cena’s passion for the business or his work ethic. Those are two traits of the many that I really covet in a wrestler and more importantly in a human being. If one doesn’t enjoy Cena’s wrestling style or persona, that’s cool, but no one should celebrate this injury, or anyone’s injury for that matter, simply because one wants to see someone else wear the WWE Title. Bottom line here is that some one new will wear the WWE title come this Sunday’s No Mercy PPV from the sold out All State Arena in Chicago.

He also talks about hardcore matches leading to injuries, SAVE_US.222, MVP and Hardy, Undertaker’s tattoos and more.

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