Hart Foundation & Other WWE Developmental News


In the latest Figure 4 Weekly, Bryan Alvarez reports that the New Hart Foundation are scheduled for house shows next month, and that there’s a possibility they will be brought to ECW. I think Jim Ross in a recent blog entry said he wouldn’t be surprised if they went to Smackdown. Anyway, most likely it will be the Harry Smith, Teddy Hart, Nattie Neidhart version of the group being used in OVW, despite TJ Wilson and Ted DiBiase Jr. being associated with them in FCW. Alvarez writes that he heard TJ, who is engaged to Nattie, won’t be involved.

Also from Alvarez: after last week’s low ECW rating, WWE “panicked” and decided to bring up developmental wrestlers to “pad” the ECW roster.

In other developmental news, Alvarez writes that he believes two WWE developmental talents failed drug tests that he thinks was administered by the Kentucky State Athletic Commission (rather than WWE itself). One failure is believed to be for marijuana and one for cocaine.

Credit: F4Wonline.com

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