Review: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 32



Writer: Peter David

Pencils: Pop Mhan

Inks: Norman Lee

Company: Marvel

The more things change, the more they stay the same. How is it that not a single master plan from a single super villian is ever truly successful (if they were, the Marvel Universe wouldn’t be a fun place), but only Hydro-Man gets known as the “dumb” super villian? There was a very smart “West Coast Avengers” issue back in the “Act of Vengeance” storyline arc in 1990 that showed just how powerful he could be if he used his powers correctly. Are you telling me that in 17 years, he hasn’t learned one freaking thing?

Well, at least he did figure one thing out: Long Island is, in fact, an island (hey, who’da thunk it). So, if you can control water, you can submerge the center of the most powerful city on the planet. And the threat of that seems to be worth, oh, let’s say – about $50 million?

This is a pretty harmless book: the concept of global warming is mentioned, but nothing too controversial gets brought up. J. Jonah Jameson basically plays a caricature of himself (highlighted by my favorite corny line, “I’m too rich to drown!”). There was some potential here (outside of a few typical wall-crawler wise-cracks), but most of it got left on the table.

Rating: 5 out of 10