Smackdown Preview for October 5, 2007


Preview: No Mercy for SmackDown’s elite
October 5, 2007

This Friday on SmackDown, two nights before No Mercy, WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP will put their tag gold on the line against Deuce & Domino. Though they lost the titles to Hardy & MVP more than a month ago, the bomber-jacketed Superstars hold a recent non-title victory over them. And after last week – in which Hardy ruined MVP’s one-year anniversary celebration as SmackDown’s Franchise Playa and U.S. Champion – it’s clear that this “odd couple” is at odds with one another more than ever. Can they stop the WWE Tag Team Titles from falling back on the Other Side of the Tracks or will their constant bickering make it easy for Deuce & Domino to “Crack ’em in da Mouth” and take the gold?

There’s no title on the line when The Great Khali faces Rey Mysterio in the ring this Friday night. However, the Punjabi Goliath has assured his Punjabi Prison Match opponent at No Mercy – World Heavyweight Champion Batista – that he will put on “a spectacle of epic proportions” when he gets his massive paws on the masked Master of the 619. Mysterio held his own against Khali during their Triple Threat Match at Unforgiven, but The Animal won’t be in the ring when these two meet this time. And should Khali lock his Vise Grip around Mysterio’s masked skull like he did a month ago well, it’s quite possible Rey will relive a bloody, brutal experience.

Regardless of the gargantuan threat that awaits Mysterio this Friday, Rey also better watch out for his recently announced No Mercy opponent, Finlay. Vickie Guerrero, continuing to make a huge impact as SmackDown’s Acting General Manager, declared after several attacks from the Irishman that he and Rey will do battle at No Mercy. With The Great Khali casting his ever-intimidating shadow over Mysterio this Friday night, will Finlay and the man who started the whole conflict –SmackDown commentator JBL – also be on hand to cause more misery for the masked Superstar?

For the answers to these questions and more, tune into Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT, only on The CW Network.

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