TiVo Central – Grey's Anatomy – Episode 4-2

Burke’s mom returns to the show to confront Cristina. An fiery explosion sends a bunch of people to the hospital. Meredith and Derek continue to be “broken up”. Bailey is going crazy with a new crew of dumb interns. And, of course, the George/Izzie/Callie triangle begins to unravel. Just another day at your favorite fictional hospital in Seattle.

Burke’s mom wants revenge. At least she wants to get Burke’s key from Cristina and get back the necklace that Burke gave her. She also puts Cristina down and compliments her in her own little way at the same time. Basically the point of the return of Burke’s mom was for her to tell Cristina that she is a “strong woman”. It also should give closure for Cristina. At least make her see that she has to move on with her life. But the return of Burke’s mom was really disappointing. They could have done much more with her appearance, but they didn’t. So much more going on in this episode, though, so lets move on.

The medical part of this episode was another interesting one. The big apartment explosion that sent everyone to the hospital was actually caused by a meth lab exploding. Meth is just some stupid stuff. It’s nothing but junk and only idiots get involved with it. Of course, it’s highly addictive so that means there are a lot of idiots out there. Somewhere in there Alex gets punched out by the meth-addict father who started the fire in the first place. It’s a long story, but at least Bailey got to unleash the bottled up anger she had on him. She likes to yell.

Meredith and Derek continue their lame “break up” period. You know, they are broken up so they can only have sex. None of that other dumb relationship stuff. Just get to the good stuff. Meanwhile, Meredith has to confront her sister, Lexie. We learn that Meredith can’t be with Derek because she never had a “father figure” in her life. Her father chose Lexie over her and that is why Meredith and Derek have to be “broken up”. Not sure that makes complete sense, but I see her point a little bit. On a side note, I actually Derek and Mark being friends again.

Callie begins to be suspicious of George and Izzie. You see, Izzie acted nervous around Callie for the entire episode. Slowly Callie thought something was up. Izzie didn’t let George tell Callie the truth. For what reason, I am not exactly sure. It’s a big move and maybe it might better to let things work itself out. Yes, Callie and George may “grow apart”, but that route may take years to work itself it out. Unless, of course, Callie decides to end things with George after finding out that he had an “affair” with Izzie. But it seems that Callie is not ready to hear the truth just yet. She basically begs George to not say it’s over. This is why “bad” relationships go on longer than they should. They feel obligated to be with the person they have been with for so long and change is always a scary thing. By the way, the whole “affair” thing is a part of this triangle that I haven’t talked about yet. That’s an intriguing subject to discuss later, though.

After George tells Izzie that he loves her, he actually seems more excited that he is going to tell Callie that it’s over. Could Izzie in fact be the “rebound girl” to the “rebound girl”? Is there such a thing? That’s an another interesting angle to explore at a later time. But right now I actually do think that George is more enthused to tell Callie it’s over than anything else. Maybe Izzie opened his eyes to the truth, but right now I don’t think he loves Izzie as much as she. When you finally get the courage to tell someone you are with that it’s over, it can be a great feeling. Nothing else matters. That could cause the person you are “supposed to be with” to feel burned a little bit. This could be a very tricky situation. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from this show.

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