Ultimate Marvel Handbook #216

Welcome to yet another edition of the Marvel Handbook. I‘m Jim of course. With my partner and editor Daron. Care to say hi Daron?

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Jam emails

Is this possibly a reference to a Hulk issue (I forgot which one) where Juggernaut confronts the Professor and beats him by taking off the armor (hence Hulk didn’t recognize him and tried to fight him straight-up, and was defeated)?

Hulk 402-404. That would be the issues.

Hulk is the new leader of the Pantheon and decides to take it upon himself to investigate in the amazon rain forest where acres upon acres are being leveled. When he finds a man there that looks like a big lumberjack he thinks nothing of it. The lumberjack turns out to be the Juggernaut and before Hulk realizes what he is into the Juggernaut knocks him out. Of course we later learn it was all a Red Skull plot.

Juggs dressed up as a lumberjack…did he have a giant blue oxl as well? If he did I’d totally go buy those issues! The mighty Cain Marko aka Paul Bunyanaught!

docbooty emails

What up Guys?

Hey do booty

I’m not sure if it’s worse that you said that or that I left it in…

RE: Wolverine injuries, the most vicious I remember was from the Punisher story concerning the little people (not leprachns, although that might have been bad-ass too) that Ennis wrote a few years back. Frank blows his face off with a shot gun at point blank and then pins his legs under a steamroller. Dammit, but do I love that Garth Ennis!

First question:

What originally was suppose to happen in Secret War? I always heard that the plot was changed regarding the final direction of the story. Any idea where it was supposed to go?

conceived to launch the toy line, was written by Marvel’s then-Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and primarily pencilled by Mike Zeck. The story was comic’s very first large scale crossover, in which many of Marvel’s most popular super-heroes and super-villains were transported to an alien planet and pitted against each other in an all-out battle.

I haven’t heard much about the change of the ending. But there where a lot of changes because of it. Most actually had been made in the books before the series ended because the titles continued as the limited series happened.


Thing staying behind as She-Hulk replaced him on the FF
Spider-Man gained the black costume which would become Venom
Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter was introduced
Colossus had an affair and Kitty broke up with him
Titania and Volcana where created as well.

But as for what you are talking about I’ve not heard anything about it.

Numero Dos:

Did you find the ending of Civil War to be kinda, um well, uneventful? i dig the overall story and its ramifications, but on reading that final issue I couldn’t help but feel unfullfilled. It seems like the story should’ve included the assasination of Cap. As it grand finale, rather than saving that until his book. our thoughts? ( I also felt like this with Annihilation. This huge intergalactic cluster-f of a battle ends with a treaty? Really? That’s kinda lame.) It just seems like they ran out of steam.

I‘m not in full agreement. Some didn‘t like the ending of Civil War and have had complaints over the whole series because of it in general. I thought the ending with Cap made sense for Cap. If they went and killed Cap it might have been somewhat of what‘s the sense of Captain America the title. Brubaker doing the death allowed him the ability to use it as a catalyst to get Winter Soldier, Sharon, Falcon and Nick the ability to do more in the title. If say you killed Cap in Civil War. Brubaker might not have had the ability. He might‘ve let Captain America get canceled to do Winter Soldier to do the current storyline in.

As for Annihilation. I thought the ending was right with Annihilus death. The fact that they showed the after effects of the treaty and the like after was more to give closer on some things to lead to the current Conquest arc.

I agree with both of you on CW. I think the end with Cap “surrendering” was pretty lame. However, I don’t think he should have been killed in CW, and think letting Bru handle it was by far the best idea.

I haven’t read Annihilation so I can’t comment on that one…

Question Three:

I heart that Iron Man promo!!! Do you think the movie can possibly live up to the potential of that trailer, or are we gonna gat another Ghost Rider?

it‘s possible it will live up to the trailer. I think this one has a lot more pull and the ability to do a lot more. The people doing the movie know the character more then the Ghost Rider crew did and Iron Man is a bigger character in the end. Also Marvel has more say here.

Okay, so my question in return is did anyone think Ghost Rider would be any good from the trailer? I know I thought it looked like dog $h!t right way, and seeing the movie only made it worse. Iron Man however does look outstanding. They have a great actor in the role, and a great actor in control. Plus some truly outstanding looking CGI…unlike Rider which was even worse than Hulk’s CGI (and that’s saying something!)

Thanks for the wonderful column.

No problem.

Indeed. Glad you enjoy it!

Annihilation Conquest synopsis

Starlord #3: Kree find a janitor dead and find little about why. Starlord hacks into the Kree computers for information disguised. Below the remaining members of Starlord’s group discuss their plans as Groot comes back shorter in stature. Starlord checks in and they are attacked. Robot creatures arrive as the team escape and flood the chamber. The Phalanx is now an airborne virus that gets Captain Universe. The group is captured in the end without Captain Universe being present but left to fight.

Initiative synopsis

Iron Man #22: Tony can’t talk to Graviton right away as he was put in a coma as we find out off Hill. Nebraska Initiative is shut down as SHIELD investigate. Captain Ultra and Iron Man discuss Gadget. Tony gets to talk to Graviton about Gadget’s death and ghost. Hill mentions to Dugan that Tony is now always wearing the armor. Koonig meets with a man looking like Mandarin about the Extremis and possible new Cap. Tony checks Gadget’s place and sees Happy’s ghots. Tony confronts Paragon as Captain Ultra attacks and fights Iron Man. Copper’s mother dies as we see him with Mandarin.

Sub-Mariner #4: Reed talks to Tony about Namor’s body. 5 days before Venom fights Namor with Namor ripping out Venom’s tongue in the end. Namor has a hard time flying after. Namor goes to see Sue asking for help only to get the Fantasti-Car. Seattle: The Atlantian terroris attack. Namor speaks to a mystery figure. The Atlantians have a civil war. Namor attacks the terrorist only to find his son as the leader

Order #3: James Wa talks about his past as we see he had lost his legs. The Order face off with cyborgs. Calamity takes out most of them as Aralune stops him in the end. Mulholland and Calamity argue over the mission after. Henry talks to James. Pepper talks to Mulhollans. We learn Avona was found dead. Milo investigate the Shadow Men. The team is ordered to leave the base before they head out.

Endangered Species synopsis

X-Men #203: Beast helps Kitty with saving Blindfold as Emma contacts Kitty to find out the word Kitty used to protect the books. Iceman and Cannonball head to Flint Michigan for the books. The Astonishing teams discuss their next move. The Marauders find Cannonball and Iceman and battle them for the books. Blindfold wakes up seeing the coming of Sinister in the fight. Mystique lets Iceman live and the two X-Men escape luckily.

Beast attacks Dark Beast for what he did. The fight continues till Lucinda Guthrie stops it. Beast goes to work on saving the boys life.

Before we go I‘m going to give a show here of something one of our fans did. This is art by Randal

What you think Daron?

Ha, nice! It’s a little light though. How about some inks on that piece Randal so we can see it better? I greatly appreciate the thought though. Very nice!

I like it myself. He did well. Anyone else wanting to show you’re a fan of the Handbook is welcome to send stuff like this. I‘m thinking it‘s time to go now though. Care to sign out Daron?

Well if I sign out now I won’t be able to get the thing posted. So why don’t you sign out and I’ll stay behind, pulling some strings behind the curtain…

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