Pulse Wrestling WWE No Mercy Report

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE No Mercy Report
Announcers are JR & King, JBL & Michael Cole, Tazz & Joey
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

We start the show with Mr. McMahon & William Regal coming to the ring. McMahon explains that Cena is out, and stripped of the WWE Title. He then says that we will have a WWE Title Match tonight, and a new champion, and he always gives the fans what they want. The crowd starts to chant ‘Y2J, Y2J’, and McMahon says that he won’t give them that. McMahon pulls a sheet off of the WWE title, and announces the new Champion, Randy Orton. Orton comes out and is awarded the WWE Title, and celebrates a bit in the ring. Regal then says that Orton has to defend the WWE Title tonight, and will select who he faces. Orton then cuts a promo on how he is upset that he couldn’t defeat Cena for the title. He said that this is a long time coming, and that there is no one else who deserves the title. This brings out HHH. HHH says that he congratulates Orton on becoming the new WWE Champion, and says that he wants a shot at the title right now. Orton says a simple ‘NO’. HHH says that he is not surprised, because he was sure Orton didn’t want his title reign shorter then his last one. HHH then calls Orton, and McMahon for not granting HHH the match, gutless. He says that McMahon’s ‘Grapefruits’, are now shriveled up raisins. McMahon flips out, and he makes the match.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H – WWE Championship
Vince and Regal stay ringside. Vince reminds HHH that he beat him 2 times, and Orton jumps a distracted HHH. HHH quickly regains control, and Orton slides out of the ring, and tries to walk away, but HHH won’t let him. HHH tosses Orton back in the ring, but Orton stomps away on HHH. Orton dominates the next few minutes. Orton hits the ropes, and HHH delivers a huge Spinebuster for 2. They both fall to the outside, but Orton regains control, and coming back into the ring, Orton hits a DDT with HHH elevated on the 2nd rope. Orton stalks HHH, and goes for a RKO, but HHH pushes out of it, and goes for the Pedigree, only for Orton to back body drop him out of it. Orton is catching his breath, and HHH pulls him down and locks on the Figure 4. Orton finally gets to the ropes, but HHH ends up rolling him up for the win.
Winner and New Champion – HHH

Orton walks to the back, and stands next to McMahon, who gives him a look of disappointment.

Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, & Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy comes out and rips on Chicago, and it should be noted that the Bears are playing in Green Bay as this PPV goes on. This is a huge clusterfuck from the start. Towards the end, Hardy hits a facebuster suplex, followed by the Swanton, but Cade breaks it up. Kendrick leaps to the floor on Cade & Murdoch, then London goes the top to leap on them all, but Kennedy crotches him on the turnbuckle, and Kennedy puts London on his shoulders, and hits the Lambeau Leap from the 2nd rope on London for the pin.
Winners – Kennedy/Cade/Murdoch

HHH & Batista meet up. HHH wishes Batista luck in the Punjabi Prison match. Batista walks away, McMahon says that they advertised a HHH vs. Umaga match for tonight. McMahon then makes it a WWE Title match.

CM Punk (c) vs. Big Daddy V (w/ Matt Striker, Your Teacher) – ECW Championship
V dominates the match, but Striker gets in the ring and causes the DQ after only like 3 minutes.
No Contest

V continues to beat down Punk. Refs help Punk to the back, and he is now coughing up blood.

Cole & JBL recap the Matt Hardy/MVP feud. They are going to have a Chicago Pizza Eating Contest. Matt eats 3 pieces, while MVP has 1, and Matt then throws up on MVP.

Triple H (c) vs. Umaga – WWE Title
Umaga & HHH go toe to toe to start. HHH tries a DDT, but Umaga no sells it. Umaga charges HHH, and HHH ducks and Umaga flies to the floor. HH follows, and slams Umaga’s head into the steel steps, and again a no sell. They get back in the ring, and HHH goes for a Pedigree, but Umaga back body drops out of it. Umaga charges and gets a spinebuster from HHH. Umaga up pretty quick, and hits a Samoan Drop. HHH goes the outside, and Umaga follows tossing him off the retaining wall. Back in the ring, Umaga hits the Catatonic for 2. Umaga sets HHH up for the ass-to-face, but HHH moves, Umaga hits his head on the ringpost, and HHH hits a Pedigree for the win.
Winner and Still Champion – HHH

Khali is meditating to prepare for his match with Batista. His translator cuts a promo about winning.

Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio
Back and forth match up. Finlay is on the apron, and Mysterio tries to sunset flip to the floor, but Finlay holds the ropes, and eventually wraps Mysterio’s head in the ring apron. Back in the ring, Finlay continues to beat down on Mysterio. Finlay tries an atomic drop, but Mysterio flips over, and dropkicks Finlay to set him up for the 619, but Finlay moves off the ropes, and hits a clothesline. Finlay is on the apron, and Mysterio kicks out Finlay’s leg, and Mysterio goes for another 619, with Finlay’s head looking the opposite way it normally does, but Finlay ducks it, only to get a kick upside the head. Finlay is still laying over the bottom rope, and Mysterio drops the dime, and Finlay’s head flies back and cracks off the ground. The ref tosses up X symbol, and they bring out a stretcher.
No Contest

Mysterio is upset that he hurt Finlay. As they bring the stretcher by Mysterio, Finlay hops out and beats the crap out of Mysterio…he was playing possum!

Another Save_Us.222 message, this time having both Save_Us.222, 11.8.2/Savior_Self, and finally 2nd_Coming.

HHH is on the trainer’s table recovering from his match with Umaga. McMahon comes in and tells HHH that Randy Orton has already evoked his rematch clause, and the match will be a Last Man Standing Match.

Candice Michelle (c) vs. Beth Phoenix – Woman’s Championship
Candice tries to be scrappy, but Beth is way too much for her to handle, and finishes the match after about 5 minutes with the Fisherwoman’s Buster.
Winner and New Champion – Beth Phoenix

Ringside after the match, Beth asks for an interview with The King. Beth says that when Mr. McMahon said that history was to be made tonight, she didn’t realize how historic it would be. She says that her win users in the Glamazon era.

Batista (c) vs. The Great Khali – World Heavyweight Title – Punjabi Prison Match
This match is as bad as you can imagine. 3 of the doors were called for, and no one was able to get through them. The 4th door gets called to be open, and Batista crawls through the door, but Khali stops him and slams the door on Batista’s back. The door closes, and Khali then climbs over the top of the inner cage, and climbs down to the bottom, and begins to climb the outer cage. Batista finally climbs the inner cage, and when he gets over the top, he leaps to the outer cage, and climbs over that just as Khali is starting to go down the outside of the outer cage. Batista then slides his way down to the floor and wins the match.
Winner and Still Champion – Batista

Recap of what has happened so far tonight with the WWE Title.

HHH with New Guy Todd, who tells Orton that he will get hurt tonight.

Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton – WWE Title – Last Man Standing
Orton focuses on HHH’s hurting ribs to start. They fall to the floor, and HHH goes for a Pedigree on the mat, but Orton shoves off, and HHH hits the ramp hard. Orton continues a beat down on HHH on the outside, and back in the ring, Orton hits his signature Drop Kick, and HHH stays down for a 8 count. Orton beats down some more, but Orton hits a face-to-knee to put Orton down for a moment. Orton back up quickly though, and hits the C+ Backbreaker for another long 8 count. Orton pounces back on him. Orton grabs one of the camera wires, and locks HHH in a body scissors, and the starts to strangle HHH with the camera wire. They go to the outside, and Orton starts to clear off 2 of the announce tables. He gets HHH on the middle one, and goes to RKO him through the next one, but HHH shoves him off, and Orton falls through the announce table by himself for a 9 count. HHH then delivers a spinebuster on the floor for another 9 count. HHH then drives the ringsteps into Orton’s head for another 9 count. Orton gets back in the ring, and HHH goes to hit him with a chair, but Orton kicks him in the gut, and DDT’s HHH on the chair for a 9 count. Orton then RKO’s HHH through the unfolded chair! HHH is busted open, but gets up at the 9 count. Orton tries to punt HHH’s head (like he did to Mr. Cena, RVD, HBK and so on), but HHH grabs his foot. They fall to the outside, and Orton goes to hit HHH with the ringsteps, but HHH crotches him, and Orton falls face first into the steps. HHH then cracks a chair over Orton’s head into the ringsteps for another 9 count. HHH puts Orton on the middle announce table, and looks like he will go for a Pedigree on the table, but Orton quickly nails a RKO on the table, which DOESN’T break. Orton gets in the ring, and HHH starts moving, and slides off the table at the 7 count, but can not get to his feet, and is counted out! Orton is the last man standing.
Winner and New Champion – Randy Orton

Show Over.

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