Advance Review: World War Hulk: Front Line 5



Writer: Paul Jenkins

Art: Ramon Bachs & Shawn Martinbrough

Color Artist: Matt Milla

Company: Marvel

It strikes me that alcoholism should really be more rampant in the Marvel Universe than it is. Oh, sure, everybody knows about Tony Stark – but think about all of the truly horrible events that have happened to characters over the years. Spidey alone should have gone on at least a half-dozen benders by now, easy. And think about all of the non-powered people – why are they not constantly three sheets to the wind? I mean, my life is stressful enough with a mortgage and bills, the threat of global warming, and the Bush adminstration: add in things like “Galactus might show up and eat the planet”? Yeah – that’s worth half a bottle of scotch by itself.

Now, let’s suppose that the Hulk landed in New York, locked up all of the mightiest heroes on the planet in Madison Square Garden, and mass pandemonium broke out. Could you blame someone for wanting to numb the pain with a couple of shots? Even a recovering alcoholic? Well, that’s your decision, but that’s just what intrepid reporter Sally Floyd has decided to do. Unfortunately, she’s also walking the streets of NYC while bombed out of her gourd: not the best decision she’s ever made.

Meanwhile, Detective Danny Granville, NYPD:Costume Division, has just given some unpleasant news to a very large stone alien named Korg. Det. Granville now finds himself in the even more unpleasant position of trying to breath with Korg’s granite fingers around his neck.

Personally, I’m very intrigued by a book that concentrates on normal humans that find themselves caught in such an extraordinary situation as World War Hulk. (I have no idea how much of the comic audience is interested in a book that focuses on people who don’t wear spandex, but that’s an issue for Marvel’s marketing department, not me.) Everything here just “feels” right; Sally goes on a bender, and then lies about it to her friend and co-worker Ben Urich; J. Jonah Jameson makes an appearance and talks like an actual normal human being to Robbie, the one person he’s always straight with; and the alien Korg acts like… well, like I imagine an alien in NYC would act.

Plus, be sure to read through Marvel’s little poke at the Internet at the end of the book, with “The Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sally Floyd!”

Rating: 7 out of 10