Make Movement: HBK Returns and Other No Mercy/RAW Thoughts

The Heartbreak Showstoppin’ Cowboy is back. Shawn Michaels, sporting a cowboy hat, looking a little rough/rugged with a beard, delivered a excellent superkick to close out RAW last night on Randy Orton, much to the total surprise and glee of the Grand Rapids audience. This is exactly what we all need right now.

The No Mercy PPV has been taking a lot of hits on the fact the PPV was grossly dependent on Triple H for the entire three hours (and really, this was really one of the longest WWE PPVs, excluding WrestleMania, in years). I understand everyone’s point on this because too much of one star, unless it’s a King of the Ring type situation, can be problematic (but remember TNA booked a whole PPV with Kurt Angle wrestling more matches than Hunter last night), but say what you will, Triple H and Randy Orton delivered quality. I do believe I’m in the minority that I like the fact that the World Championship changed twice in one night. I was more amazed that Triple H got through both the first and second match because I thought it would literally be passed like a hot potato: Orton – champion thanks to McMahon, Triple H defeats Orton (Hot Potato) and then I thought, Umaga would get a chance to shock everyone and beat Triple H, but that didn’t happen. The Last Man Standing of Orton and Triple H was everything it should be considering the fact we were so close to 11 o’clock hour. The Chicago crowd energy helped too, when you have a hot crowd, everything looks improved. The RKO at the end on the table that wouldn’t break, worked out well, the Diamond Cutter always knows how to come through as a surprise when done right.

Orton is the best hope for a heel we have right now, which is always scary when the company has to depend on someone who has the reputation for being a jerk out of character, wrecking hotel rooms and disrespecting divas. Orton is a good on-camera heel and it’s sad we have to reward his bad behavior because Vince can’t create any other good heels right now. Now with Shawn Michaels back, there’s a shot at seeing HBK versus Randy Orton versus Triple H, depending if Hunter is going to be “out” for a few weeks. Other wild cards that could come into the title picture in the next few months: Edge, Chris Jericho, maybe Jeff Hardy after his feud with Kennedy is over.

Other comments about the last two days:

-Thank God Beth Phoenix is WWE Women’s Champion. It makes sense, yet, the fact that Mickie James has to always carry the face side of six-women matches is unfair. I would love to see Beth versus Mickie again, as the WWE forgot their heat from when Beth first started anyway. I like Candice, but you can only get so much out of her when Beth is so dominantly more experienced and better.

-I like the Odd couple of Regal and the Coach. Throw in some Hornswaggle and it adds some fun to the RAW product if not overdone.

-Santino is always enjoyable to watch and just wait until we get delivered Stone Cold to stun him a few times for slamming The Condemned.

-Lilian Garcia’s album comes out today! Waiting for my copy in the mail, and I’m looking forward to reviewing it. The girl can sing anything and I think she will continue to impress and do well as she hopefully takes on a lot of press appearances to really push herself.

-Jeff Hardy and Kennedy’s match on RAW could be a good feud is pushed correctly, at this point I’m just thankful Jeff isn’t put on the shelf after being in a match with Kennedy. Hardy as usual is getting rock star reactions and the energy for Hardy and Kennedy, similar to Cena crowd reactions is fun.

-There should be a lifetime ban on Punjabi Prison Cell matches.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at

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