TUF 6: Bowman vs. Hightower

Team Hughes contemplated who Team Serra will choose for the next fight. They expected Serra to chose Blake Bowman as he has no fights under his belt. Matt Serra called Matt Hughes a dick and an ego maniac. Serra matched his fighter Ritchie Hightower with Blake Bowman as expected. Each coach believed his guy’s opponent is the opposing team’s weakest link. Mac Danzig has no idea why Bowman is on the show but said he likes him and wants to see him “smash Ritchie Hightower.” Danzig tried to give Bowman advice which Bowman giggled about. Danzig reminded him that he supposedly broke someone’s ulna bone. Bowman admitted it was an accident. Hughes said he believes that while Bowman doesn’t train or practice well, he’ll get it done in the cage. Bowman injured himself during training but was afraid to tell the doctor that he felt something pop in his chest out of fear he would be sent home. Bowman was nearly in tears over the thought of going home without the opportunity to fight.

Bowman was told by the doctor to avoid contact for a week but didn’t send him home. Bowman felt that since his injury was just bruising and inflammation, there was no reason he should not fight Hightower short of Hightower pulling off a flying double stomp. Dorian started feeling dizzy and was told to sit out training. Dorian slapped at the boom mic to keep from having his crying recorded. He then got ticked at the camera man for focusing on him, charging the crewman before being stopped by a teammate. Dorian’s coaches let him know that he cannot behave that way against the crew just doing their jobs. He swore he was only planning on “using some superlatives” but wasn’t planning on swinging. Dana White got involved as threatening the production crew is clearly against the rules. Matt Hughes, Dorian’s coach, explained what happened and asked White to consider not taking Dorian off his team but acknowledges that it is ultimately White’s decision.

Dorian believed he was going home because he knew Dana White was called in. Mac Danzig felt Dorian was jumping to conclusions and encouraged Dorian to settle down and take a wait and see attitude. Dorian complained that his teammates were against him and believed White would not listen to his side of the story. Team Hughes’ Billy Miles reflected that Dorian was having a hard time dealing with his humanity being televised. White called Dorian down to the gym to discuss what happened. White informed the fighter that his behavior was not that of a professional fighter but that of a thug. He let Dorian stay but warned him to behave or he really will be forced to leave. Dorian thanked Dana White for the way he handled the situation, saying, “Dana, you’re cool in the black community, cuz.”

Bowman celebrated his birthday and the other fighters contemplated beating him down for his birthday but couldn’t because of his fight against Hightower. Hightower discussed his preparedness for the fight, explaining that he’s in it to win it and he will do that one fight at a time. Bowman hinted at some new technique he wanted to try out on Hightower. Bowman believed Team Serra felt he was there for comedic relief and ratings. Bowman predicted he would win by strikes and knees. Hightower said Bowman could use his ice cream birthday cake to soothe him when he lost.

Bowman entered the octagon 0-0 while Hightower stood at 7-1. John McCarthy refereed. Bowman threw jabs that didn’t connect while Hightower landed a hard leg kick just above Bowman’s right knee. Hightower rushed his opponent, catching a kick to the ribs and ate a knee. Bowman covered up but Hightower landed a flurry of uppercuts and combinations before Bowman’s knee buckled causing him to fall to the floor. Hightower took the opportunity, dropping bombs until Big John pulled him off, stopping the fight. Hightower took the win by TKO due to strikes while Bowman took a bag of ice taped to his knee.

Next week: Danzig turns on Bowman, calling him a skinny hillbilly from Arkasas. Bowman is from Carrollton, GA.