Wednesday Night News Storm: TNA Expansion, WWE Releases & More

The Wrestling Observer has reported that Smackdown’s newest diva, Krissy Vaine, has requested her release from the company. The reasoning behind this is because she is currently dating Ryan O’Reilly, who is still working at the developmental level. O’Reilly had just started touring with the RAW Roster and was close to be brought up. O’Reilly had also requested his release with a similar reason and this has many other developmental talent upset because they worked hard to get on the main roster and they blew it all away because they would be apart from each other.

The Observer also reports that the WWE is trying to redo the Jackass angle that was supposed to happen at Summerslam, but was cut short due to issues with the Jackass performers. Bam Margera was injured and Ryan Dunn backed out due to that. Johnny Knoxville backed out due to the Benoit situation. This is slated to occur around the time they promote the Royal Rumble.

PWInsider reports that Rory McCallister of the Highlanders has posted a new bulletin on his page that he and his wife are expecting. Congratulations to Rory McCallister!

In TNA News, also from the Observer, TNA management are in talks with former WWE star, Joey Matthews (Joey Mercury). They want him to start as soon as Bound for Glory, but due to Matthews having overseas indy bookings this week, getting him to Atlanta on time may prove to be a challenge.

PWInsider is reporting that TNA is in the process of expanding their product even further by looking to host live events in Canada.

The following press release was released by the WWE, who are working with the National Literacy Trust.

World Wrestling Entertainment® to Tag Team with the National Literacy Trust to Promote Reading in 1300 Schools Across the UK
October 8, 2007

October 2007 – This autumn World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE®) is forming a tag team with the National Literacy Trust (NLT) to target schools in England to prove that there is nothing weedy about reading! This year, school Reading Champions will have the chance to enter a special WWE competition to win a trip to Orlando, Florida, to see their heroes in action at WrestleMania 24.

To participate in the WrestleMania Reading Challenge, students need to read five books of their own choice, enter the book titles on the entry form provided and write 100 words explaining how they would persuade a WWE Superstar to read a book.

Each entrant that submits a form successfully via their teacher will receive a certificate from WWE celebrating their completion of the WrestleMania Reading Challenge. The entries will be judged by representatives from WWE and NLT. The winning prize is a trip to see WrestleMania 24 live in Orlando, Florida, the winners of which will be announced in March 2008. Four prizes will be awarded.

Over the last three years, WWE has been working with the NLT to promote reading in schools across England. Using posters featuring WWE Superstars, together WWE and the NLT have strived to communicate that reading is an important and enjoyable part of every day life.

The competition is open to primary and secondary schools who are signed up to the Reading Champions initiative. To sign up for free visit

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and For information on WWE’s global activities, go to

Additional information on the National Literacy Trust can be found at

For more information, please contact:

The Outside Organisation

Henry Jacob –

0207 436 3633

J.R.’s Blog!

J.R posted a couple blogs within the past few days. They can be found here and here. Here are some tidbits from both.

*J.R. mentions John Cena being out 7-12 months and how the “Cena-haters” are rejoicing that fact.
*He makes note that Shawn Michaels’ return was a surprise and how that boosts the morale with the young talents working on the RAW Roster.
*He likes the rivalry between Jeff Hardy & Mr. Kennedy and he notes that Triple H and Umaga have unfinished business.
*He puts over Triple H for wrestling three main-event level matches in one night. He also says that the Last Man Standing match at No Mercy was a great match.
*J.R. says that the saddest thing while working in the front offices was seeing young talents blow their chances due to bad judgment and immaturity.
*J.R. doesn’t know if Randy Orton is rude in public since he’s not his keeper.
*J.R. believes that Booker T is recharging his batteries, and as far as he knows, Booker is still on the RAW roster, despite the various internet rumors that believe otherwise.

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