Captain's Log: Kid Nation – Episode 4

A recap of last week shows the yellow team winning again to get the upper class while the green team is finally happy to at least not be the laborers. Young Mallory won the gold star thanks to a lot of hard work in the town store, but that didn’t sit well with a lot of the older kids. And a dust storm came down upon Bonanza City scaring everyone and overturning every outhouse in town.

Bless us and keep us safe

Starting right off with discussions of religion and the Town Council meets to read from the journal. It states that long ago in Bonanza City there was a religion set up and it brought everyone in town together. The Town Council decides it is best to have services with someone from each religion talking about it for a little bit. This doesn’t look good.

Meanwhile at breakfast, the topic of religion has come up with the rest of the kids and they all start spouting out their religious affiliations. At one point we even get a few kids saying “Christians Rule” versus the “Jew Crew.” HA!

And just as expected, the Town Council announces their idea for the mixed service and it is not met with kind words from anyone in town. Almost everyone speaks up saying how bad an idea it is. Olivia stands up and tells them “bringing all the religions into one place is going to cause nothing but arguments and do you really want all your arguments in one place?” She has a great point. These kids are certainly making me feel dumber each week because they seem one thousand times smarter then me.

Time for the religious service. And no-one shows. Seriously, not a single soul shows up and the Town Council is a bit distraught. But that night, Morgan from the Green team goes from house to house and says there will be prayers by the fire outside. Anyone is welcome from any religion. A good number shows up and it touches a lot of the kids. This was a nice scene.


The teams are getting pumped up but Jared (Red) says he gets pumped up by meditating. Ok!

This week’s competition is the “Steeple Chase.” The teams have to put together huge puzzles of churches and then raise them up off the ground to stand up straight. Green is struggling badly right off the bat but seems to be getting it now. Red and Blue are the clear leaders but Blue pulls ahead on raising their steeple and get Upper Class. Red comes in a close second. Yellow edges out for third place although everyone was hoping Taylor and Yellow would end up as laborers.

Green must finish within the allotted thirty minute time limit for the big reward and they are now raising their steeple. With a little less then two minutes remaining, they finish to get the big reward. And the choice this week is again pleasure versus necessity. A full mini golf course right outside of town or a library of holy books. The Town Council knew last week they made the unpopular decision by not taking the pizza so they left it up to a vote.

SHOCKINGLY…shockingly I tell you, the majority vote is for the holy books, and that is fantastic. Zach is teaching a lot of the kids about the Jewish faith as everyone reads up for their own prayer time. Anjay performs a Hindu ritual outside while a few kids watch and partake as they learn.

Young nine year-old Cody (Yellow) misses his family a lot. He also misses his girlfriend so much and has loved her since the third grade. HE’S NINE!

The Yellow Team still proves to be almost totally worthless as Taylor and a few others sit in the saloon drinking “shots” and not getting in the kitchen to do dishes. Taylor still thinks she is too above doing dishes. I’m beginning to believe that even if she did end up a laborer, she still wouldn’t do anything.

Zach (Yellow) steps up though and goes around the entire town recruiting dishwashers because they are filthy and people will get sick if they eat off of them. No-one wants to help but Zach actually gets stern and convinces them he needs help. He gets kids from every team to help out and they are really working together.

SNOW! The kids wake up to see snow covering the town.

Mike (Red): “Crap! I hate snow.”

Town Meeting time and does anyone want to leave? Dramatic camera shots around the room and Cody raises his hand. He is bawling and just can’t take being away from his family any longer. He says he is sorry and he will be happy to see his family, but is sad that he will never see his friends from Bonanza City again. He hugs Campbell (Green) who is also in tears, among others, on the way out.

Campbell: “He was my best bud.”

Incredibly sad, but it is gold star time. The Town Council deliberated over Greg, Morgan, and Zach since they all put forth hard work. Mike still thinks Greg is doing it only for the gold star and not the town. Dude, get over your grudges. God! After some talk though, Morgan wins the gold star as she has proven to be a mother of sorts in Bonanza City. She calls her parents and they are so happy for her.

Next week could get really ugly. So far the town likes how their Town Council members are doing; well except for Taylor that is. And it is going to be election time as new Town Council members can be elected and campaigning will commence. It is not going to be pretty. This is your Captain speaking folks, and I’ll be back next time for BonanzaGate.

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