WWE Developmental News: Hart Foundation Angle in Jeopardy, Wrestler Breaks His Arm & More

Mike Johnson at Pro Wrestling Insider has reported that “word going around” is that Teddy Hart has departed WWE. If true, this of course puts in jeopardy the long-rumored New Generation Hart Foundation angle (some combination of Hart, Nattie Neidhart, Harry Smith, Ted DiBiase Jr. and/or TJ Wilson have been expected to join the Smackdown or ECW roster by the fall, perhaps even at or around Survivor Series, 10 years since the Montreal Screwjob).

Dave Taylor, Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre might be put into a faction on Smackdown, according to a report on PWInsider.com. Taylor and Burchill have been tagging in dark matches, and Burchill and McIntyre tagged in a dark match at last night’s OVW TV taping.

Developmental talent Cassidy Reilly (Cassidey James) is said to have broken his arm, according to PWInsider.com. He had been tagging with KC James in OVW. KC – a member of the Smackdown roster back when he was in a tag team with Idol Stevens, managed by Michelle McCool – recently wrestled on Heat and appeared on ECW on Tuesday as “James Curtis,” jobbing to Kevin Thorn. Reilly is the same wrestler who was in TNA as a Raven follower.

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