Ring of Honor Video Wire for 10/12

Ring of Honor has posted the latest episode of its Video Wire on ROHVideos.com and YouTube.com, featuring footage from their recent shows, centered around their newest feud, The Age of The Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black and Necro Butcher) vs the Briscoes.

Past ROH videos on YouTube.com are available by clicking here and of course the latest reviews, news and commentary on all things ROH from Big Andy Mac, me and the rest of the Pulse Wrestling staff is here.

The video wire opens with footage of the newly crowned ROH World Champion, Nigel McGuiness celebrating with his newly won ROH world title.

We then move onto the usual welcoming package highlighting one specific match from the weekend’s shows, we get Erick Stevens and Matt Cross vs Davey Richards and Rocky Romero today.

Next we’re shown some clips from Boston, as Jay Briscoe gives Necro Butcher a sick Death Valley Driver on an open chair. Jimmy Jacobs comes out to brawl with Jay, but Jay easily knocks him down. Mark Briscoe comes out in crutches, but gets jumped by Tyler Black. Necro slams Jay on an open chair, and then helps his AoTF buddies carry Mark Briscoe to the back. Creepy.

It goes to Edison, as half the ROH Roster is in the ring with Nigel, congratulating him on his big win. Bryan Danielson is then shown, getting rough with top challenger Austin Aries and Nigel himself. A semi brawl ensues (with everyone breaking it up), and Dragon leaves, pissed off. In a classy act from the guy who’d just lost the world title, Takeshi Morishima gets the belt, and puts it around Nigel’s waist.

An advert for ROH’s annual single’s tournament Survival of the Fittest (2007) is played. It runs down the competitors, at times stating some of their achievements in ROH.

We’re treated to more AoTF stuff, as Jacobs and Tyler squash some ROH students. Jacobs has a new DDT into Triangle choke hold finisher, and Tyler’s Small package driver/brainbuster looks sweet as always.

Next comes the usual advert for “new at rohwrestling.com”, highlighting both ROH in Japan shows (Live in Tokyo and Live in Osaka).

Jay and Necro are shown brawling again, this time in Edison. All of a sudden, the lights go out, and a spotlight is pointed to the entrance ramp. The AoTF guys are up on the ramp, with Mark Briscoes tied to a barbed wire board, in a bloody mess. Jacobs screams “That’s your brother Jay!” as the video wire ends with the normal “to be continued” graphic.