Review: Green Lantern #24


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Inker: Oclair Albert, Julio Ferreira

Company: DC Comics

Sometimes it is just so wonderful to be a comic fan. Every character, title, creative team, whatever all have their own seminal work that you immediately associate them with when you think of them. To be reading that series when it is in the midst of the greatest storyline it has ever seen is truly special; did those reading The Phoenix Saga when it originally came out realize the greatness in their hands? How about those reading The Dark Knight Returns, did they have the rush of excitement knowing they were in at the ground level for the Batman story?

To be reading Green Lantern at this time is an absolute joy.

The Sinestro Corps War will go down as the greatest Green Lantern story ever, barring some awful ending that craps away all of the awesome that has come already. This is an event done right, and it came with no fanfare, but real word of mouth that this is something special.

This issue sees the Sinestro Corps bring the fight to Earth, and Hal Jordan takes on a Parallax-possessed Kyle Rayner while the JLA has to defend the planet from the Corps and the Manhunters.

Visually, the book is stunning. Ivan Reis is becoming a favourite, and it is a testament to his ability that he even seems to be an improvement on the terrific Ethan van Scriver. Reis� scenes of Hal and Kyle fighting the influence of Parallax are insane, and he has a real handle on panels that have so much going on, yet remain clear.

Johns has to be commended for staging the battle of Earth, and not going overboard in scenes of the JLA, but keeping the focus rightfully on the Lanterns. The Earthmen Lanterns score a major victory over Parallax, and are now ready to give the JLA the help that they desperately need.

To not completely kiss the ass of this book, one has to nitpick: When Parallax possessed Kyle, he stayed green, despite not even having a power ring. Now, when Parallax also possesses Hal, he becomes yellow. Why would that be? Why would Parallax not be yellow when he first takes Kyle over? C�est la vie.

Oh, and now the Anti-Monitor has landed on Earth. It has hit the fan.


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