Rasslin’ Roundtable: TNA Bound for Glory

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Rasslin’ Roundtable: TNA Bound for Glory

TNA World Heavyweight Title
Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Paul Marshall: This match would rock a few years ago, but you have to adjust that with Angle’s injuries and Sting’s age. Wait a second…screw the logic. I’m doing a double whammy here, picking the main event for next month’s Pay-Per-View.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Danny Cox: With the whole drunk driving thing and all that, I do believe they are going to throw the belt onto a face finally. And I’m sooooo glad it’s a new up and coming star…like Sting.
Winner and NEW Champ – Sting

Matthew Michaels: Do they take the belt off Angle due to his DUI or leave it on him so that whoever beats the champ gets over even more than usual? It’s Russo, therefore impossible to predict, so I’ll say Sting should win, but Kurt keeps the belt.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Vinny Truncellito: Angle needs to lose to a young buck like Samoa Joe or AJ Styles; passing the strap from one established veteran to another doesn’t help anyone get over. I know the recent arrest has made an iMPACT!, but hopefully Dixie Carter doesn’t change the world because of it.
Winner – Angle (or Sting via DQ/Count-out). NO TITLE CHANGE

David Brashear: If the belt’s going to change hands anywhere, it’s going to be here at TNA’s version of Wrestlemania. I’m going to call Sting starting another reign here tonight.
Winner – Sting

TNA X Division Title
Black Machismo Jay Lethal (c) vs. Christopher Daniels
Winner and STILL Champ – Black Savage

Matthew Michaels: What’s the point in having the title on Jay Lethal anyway? Sure, he got an upset over Kurt last month, but he’s been treated like a jobber ever since. Daniels needs to win the belt and bring the X Division back to snuff.
Winner – Jay Lethal

Vinny Truncellito: Lethal hasn’t been given the opportunity to look strong with the gold, and I don’t think this is his chance, either. Big event, lots of title changes – I’m sure that’s how Russo sees it.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

David Brashear: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Daniels (also Styles and Joe) needs to be in the world title hunt instead of the X-Division. That said, I’m thinking that Lethal hangs onto the belt for another month. Remember when the X-title was actually memorable? Apparently neither does TNA.
Winner – Jay Lethal

Paul Marshall: The best thing management has left to do, since they already made Black Machismo look like a total goof by throwing him to Team 3-D. I mean…he beat Kurt Angle last month, right? I thought so. Christopher Daniels, on the other hand, is simply awesome and should be in the World Title picture. But since they already neutered Jay Lethal, they might as well finish it.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

TNA World Tag Team Titles
Team Pacman (Pacman Jones/Ron Killings) (c) vs. AJ Styles/Tomko

Matthew Michaels: Sure it’s Pacman’s last contracted date, but it makes no sense for Tomko and Styles to be tag champs as long as Travis keeps walking around with his IWGP title over his shoulder.
Winner – AJ Styles & Tomko

Vinny Truncellito: Get the straps onto a team in which BOTH champions can, you know, MAKE CONTACT with their opponents! The fun is over, get Pacman out of the tag title scene!
Winner – Christian’s Coalition

David Brashear: And now for a reading from the book of Russo (Unauthorized) – “And thus did Pacman Jones vanish forever from TNA, never to be heard from or seen again. And there was much rejoicing in the land.” Amen.
Winners – Styles & Tomko

Paul Marshall: They are in Atlanta, enough said.
Winner – Team Pacman

Danny Cox: As much as I hate the idea of Tomko holding a title, I hate the idea of Pacman Jones holding a title any longer even more. Wow TNA…way to really kick ass with bringing Jones in eh?
Winners and NEW Champs – Phenomenal Tomko

Ultimate X
LAX vs. XXX (Elix Skipper/Senshi)

Vinny Truncellito: Seems LAX is due for a renewed push, especially if the tag titles change hands. They’d be much better in the ring against Tomko/Styles than the Ron Killings Show.
Winner – LAX

David Brashear: Since I’ve got Styles and Tomko winning the tag belts, I’ll set LAX to win the Ultimate X to push them closer to a title challenge. Despite saying that, I fully expect this match to be one of the show’s (if not the year’s) shining moments for TNA.
Winners – LAX

Paul Marshall: This is going to be a hard fought contest, but not quite the match of the year LAX had with Styles/Daniels in the same match. Assuming that the winners become the next contenders to the Tag Titles…
Winners – LAX

Danny Cox: Easily the second best match of the night but possibly could overtake the X-Title match. LAX has really gotten to the upper echelon of the tag division and deserves to hold the titles more then anyone right now. It’s also great having XXX back together seeing Low-Ki not be forgotten after his mega push a while back and thank God that Primetime is not being wasted anymore. I hope this leads to a QUICK feud for the tag titles and gets the belts back onto LAX. As long as Konnan stays on a respirator. Too soon?
Winners – LAX

Matthew Michaels: Whoever wins this should be in line for a tag title shot, although there’s also that tables match taking place, so who knows? I think XXX won the last Ultimate X match, so the fan favorites should go over here.
Winner – XXX

Special “Enforcer” Matt Morgan
Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage

David Brashear: Since this is Russo booking, expect to see Morgan turn on Joe. That’s going to be the result. Morgan turns on Joe to give Christian the win.
Winner – Christian Cage

Paul Marshall: Morgan will make sure that no one gets involved and this match will be very brutal. I expect that these two will be granted a lot of leeway and Christian will bleed like a stuck pig. This one is a hard to predict. I anticipate Morgan to cost Christian the match unintentionally, thus beginning a new feud for Christian while Samoa Joe goes for the World Title.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Danny Cox: Not sure how much I care anymore. Samoa Joe should have had the World Title long ago because now it’s only getting annoying when he doesn’t win it and falls back into random feuds. Wow…Matt Morgan as the special ref eh? That adds excitement (eye roll). I call shenanigans.
Winner – Christian Cage

Matthew Michaels: Unless Joe’s going to go on to be champion in the next PPV (ha!) there’s no reason for him to break Christian’s pinless/submissionless streak.
Winner – Joe

Vinny Truncellito: The time has come for Cage to suffer his first true loss in TNA, as Joe sets his sights on the big belt.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Tables Match
Team 3D vs. Steiner Brothers

Danny Cox: Too late to care.
Winners – Steiners

Matthew Michaels: This is the Dudleyz’ specialty match.
Winner – Steiners

Vinny Truncellito: I assume the Steiners will get their vengeance here, although it’d be more compelling storyline-wise to have them pummeled by the Dudleyz and sent packing for another hiatus.
Winner – Steiner Brothers

David Brashear: A tables match should spell victory for the Dudleys, but I think that TNA’s looking more at making this the blowoff match. Therefore:
Winners – Steiner Brothers

Paul Marshall: It’s been many months in the making. I understand from watching Impact that this is a best of three tables match, meaning that to win you must put your opponents through two tables. Either the feud ends here or it continues.
Winners – Steiner Brothers

Knockouts Gauntlet Match – TNA Women’s title
Christy Hemme vs. Gail Kim vs. Roxxy LeVeaux vs. Jackie Moore vs. Ms. Brooks vs. Awesome Kong vs. Shelly Martinez vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams vs. Talia Madison

Matthew Michaels: Kong should win, and Kim should chase her.
Winner – Kim

Vinny Truncellito: I assume Gail Kim is their top choice to sport the Knockouts title.
Winner – Gail Kim

David Brashear: First let me congratulate TNA on the women’s division. I’ve been wanting to see a legitimate women’s division in one of the Big Two for some time, and you can forget seeing most of the WWE women having any sort of wrestling training. I’m also glad to see some OVW alums like Angel Williams and ODB getting their shot here, although that’s no surprise since Cornette’s involved. I’ve got to give the win to Kong.
Winner – Awesome Kong

Paul Marshall: I really want Christy Hemme to win, but that is not going to happen. Looking at the Amazing Kong on Impact makes me wonder if she is a man in drag. Logic says Amazing Kong, but I’m going to defy logic for this match.
Winner – Roxxy Leveaux

Danny Cox: Don’t really give a damn but if it means Ariel is on my TV again, then I’ll read the spoilers each week simply to find out when to tune in and see her lovely ass.
Winner and Champ – Gail Kim

Fight for the Right – #1 Contender’s Match
Robert Roode vs. James Storm vs. BG James vs. Kip James vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Chris Harris vs. Kaz vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Eric Young vs. Petey Williams vs. at least 4 other competitors TBA

Vinny Truncellito: I can see Chris Harris being elevated via a good showing in a match against Angle, but somehow I doubt it will go down that way. I suppose one of the “surprise entrants” will win it.
Winner – One of the 4 TBA entrants

David Brashear: We’ve heard that Joey Matthews may turn out to be one of the four surprises, but I don’t see him as world champion material. For the ones listed, I’d have to go with the match winding down to Harris and Storm. I look to see more out of Harris than Storm, so I’ll go with him.
Winner – Chris Harris

Paul Marshall: Chris Harris probably has the best chance in this match, but since the other four competitors are unknown, I will take a stab at this, the second double whammy pick. It is time for him to return.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Danny Cox: This is the list of guys competing for the number one contender’s spot for the World Title? You’re serious? If Joe decides to take one of the four leftover spots, then I’d say him. Otherwise…meh!
Winner – Chris Harris

Matthew Michaels: Um.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Monster’s Ball
Raven vs. Abyss vs. Black Reign vs. Rhino

David Brashear: Has Dustin put on some weight or what? That said, I think that we can safely rule out a Black Reign win. Of the three left, I’ve got to say that I’d like to see a healthy and reinvigorated Raven get another shot at the belt, and I’d think a win here would help that along.
Winner – Raven

Paul Marshall: Two words…GORE! GORE!
Winner – Rhino

Danny Cox: {singing} One of these things is not like other, one of these things just doesn’t belong. I’m gonna go with who I hope wins and would get back into the title picture even though he’s a freakish shell of his former self.
Winner – Raven

Matthew Michaels: Raven’s promo tells me he needs to win this one, but there’s no way they give him the nod in a match with Abyss, the biggest star here. Rhino and Runnels have no chance, but it is Abyss’ signature match.
Winner – Raven

Vinny Truncellito: Abyss will most likely get the duke here, but I’d love to see the company get behind Raven once again. What is it with the sympathy/fear heat these Kane-like gimmicks always create? The Abyss character is an abused, maladjusted freak who shouldn’t be allowed to compete for money in an environment in which hurting people is a key to success.
Winner – Abyss