12/7/2007 To Be IWA-MS’s Last Show

Credit to IWA-MS Forums…

Ian gave a speech to the crowd thanking Danny Trahan for all the hard work and Jim Fannin for all the loyalty and Mickie Knuckles for being a treasure and Phyllis Hickey for all that she had done for the company. He then addressed the very real possibility that IWA Mid-South will be closing its doors on December 7th. The debts have gotten too great for both Ian and Jim to be able to continue and in all likelihood, barring a complete change of heart and reversal of fortune, December 7th will be the end of the road for IWA Mid-South..

This does not look like a stunt to get more money. Ian told the fans back in 2005 that they were going out of business. Looking back, fans say it was just a trick to get more money. This looks like there is no joking this time. They lost the NWA-Midwest as a supporter during IWA-MS’s Ted Petty Invitational 2007. Everyone at the show, including Ian Rotten, were said to be very emotional.

Updates on this situation will be posted when available.