PWG Results: Schadenfreude 10/14/07

Match 1: Ronin beat Bino Gambino.
When asked what was thought about the result of this match, the main response was “What you would expect from these two”. A lot of comedy and some ok wrestling. Solid Opener.

Match 2: Scott Lost beat Davey Richards.
WOW. This is a huge upset. I was expecting PWG to push Davey Richards, but I’m glad he did the job. Scott Lost needs some single wins under his belt since Bosh left him. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with Lost as a singles competitor. Reporters on this match say they were expecting more, but it was still solid enough for its spot on the card.

Match 3: Scorpio Sky and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) beat Los Luchas (Nemesis, Zokre and Phoenix Star)
This was said to be the a very exciting match. The Young Bucks are THE up and coming tag team in independent wrestling. They’re teamwork and timing is just phenomenal. This match should come off very well on DVD.

Match 4: Human Tornado beat Chris Hero
As much as Tornado makes me mad, I have to say this was the next step for a good feud. I hope this elevates into something good.

Match 5: Jack Evans beat El Generico
These two always put on a great match. The first time I saw these two face off was on Electric Boogaloo Night One, and it was worth the DVD by itself. MOTN for sure. But at
Schadenfreude, there was no way these two could get MOTN with the main event that was set up. But still, it was a very good match with a lot of awesome spots.

Match 6: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson beat Roderick Strong
The main event was very good. These two always gave amazing chemistry and this bout was said to be no different. A very stiff and technical bout with great psychology from both men.

Overall: The only complaint that was given about this show was that it was very quick. My take on the length is they just wanted to get a quick show aside with no injuries so everyone is healthy enough to go to European Vacation on 10/26-10/28. This show is worth picking up on DVD, but not a must see.