Advance Review: Mighty Avengers #5



Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Frank Cho

Colored by: Jason Keith

Company: Marvel

The concept of The Avengers is, of course, an almost guaranteed money-maker: take the world’s biggest heroes, put them into one group, and have them battle the world’s greatest threats. However, there are times when this concept can become its own detriment, because the creative team feels the need/want/pressure to take advantage of all of this firepower, and have pages where the only words are Batman-esque (the campy TV-Batman, not the baddass comics Batman) sound effects: CROOM! CRISH! CRASH! KRANG! Sure, it’s alliterative – but is it entertaining?

So, Ultron’s back, and doing lots of bad stuff. He.. uhh, make that she (Ultron now looks like Janet Pym) is, of course, damn near indestructible, so lots of things hit lots of other things a whole bunch (hey, you can’t that kind of descriptive plot summary just anywhere, folks – that’s why they pay me the big bucks). Ares gets an idea on how to defeat he/she/it (Marvel’s first transgendered character? How progressive of them), and yells his idea at Hank Pym. Meanwhile, some nuclear missles get involved (hmm, seems to be a theme this week).

Now, I realize that Frank Cho seems to have quite a following, and I did enjoy Liberty Meadows quite a bit. But this style of artwork just does not seem to fit The Avengers well at all: it’s just too… cartoony. Close-up shots like the one above work well, but the big fighting scenes with tons of characters just don’t have the serious vibe this book needs.

And… well, he really, really needs to do something about this boob fetish:

Umm… yeah.

As for the story: there was really nothing offensive here, but it felt like 8 pages of plot stretched out of 32 pages of artwork and battle scenes. Plus, the climax is somehow going to involve a virus and Commodore 64 (I kid you not). Maybe they have a clever twist planned: but I am getting a serious bad Independence Day flashback (not to mention an even worse, though much fainter, Wargames flashback).

Rating: 4 out of 10