Sting, Jarrett, Angle, Pacman, Kong News

Sting has been talking a lot about retiring at the end of the year. Dixie Carter apparently wants him to stay on, even though Jeff Jarrett was reluctant to keep him on for this year due to his drawing power having proved short-lived.

Speaking of Jarrett, there is as yet nothing specific planned for his return other than that it will be for a match with Kurt Angle at some point. Jarrett and Angle are vying for political power in TNA in real life, with many TNA stars apparently having confronted Dixie Carter about getting Jarrett and Dutch Mantel removed from the booking process. A big Spike TV party on 24 September saw both the Jarrett and Angle ‘camps’ trying to recruit people to their cause, with B.G. James being particularly adamant that the wrestlers had to make a choice. Apparently, Karen Angle got rather drunk at the party and embarrassed herself, which won’t have helped matters – not to mention Kurt’s recent run-in with the law. Mantel is also unhappy as he feels there is not enough distinction being made between faces and heels, which is very much a Vince Russo trait.

The first TNA drug test is expected to happen within the coming two months. It will be an internal measure to gauge the extent of the problem, with no punishments expected to be given until future tests.

TNA has been talking about bringing in some more names. One mentioned was 2 Cold Scorpio. Another was A.J. Pierzynski, which was a Dixie Carter suggestion, yet they were told the Chicago media had little interest in covering Pierzynski in TNA again. Another name that has been discussed is – brace yourself – David Arquette. Arquette has been in touch with Johnny Fairplay about coming in as Fairplay’s manager.

There is talk of somehow getting Pacman Jones to turn on Ron Killings and work a singles match with him in November.

Amazing Kong has been impressing a lot of people backstage. Samoa Joe, Senshi, Dutch Mantel and Mike Tenay are all quite taken with her work.

TNA’s new Spike TV deal expires in September 2011.

Gail Kim’s neckbreaker is called the Happy Ending. That’s also the term used in Asian massage parlours for when the women masturbate their customers after giving them massages.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 15 October 2007 (subscribe here)