TNA Impact Spoilers for October 18, 2007

Show opens with Kurt Angle backstage talking to Jeremy Borash. Kurt blames Kevin Nash for him losing the title and says he’ll challenge Sting later tonight. Kurt heads to the ring and Nash confronts him, wanting an apology. Kurt refuses and gets powerbombed by Nash.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin went to a no-contest in a Fight For The Right Tournament Match when Team 3D attacked them and put both through tables.

James Storm & Robert Roode beat Chris Harris & Rhino after Roode pinned Harris. Rhino and Harris had a low-key argument afterwards.

Amazing Kong squashed Talia Madison.

Backstage, Christian Cage was talking to Jim Cornette about being in the Fight For The Right Tournament when Samoa Joe showed up. Cage and Joe got into a fight.

Jim Cornette and Mike Tenay host a Presentation of Champions Ceremony in the ring. Jay Lethal is out first, then Gail Kim gets awarded the TNA Knockout Title. A.J. Styles & Tyson Tomko came out next, with Cage. Cage pressed Cornette for a tournament spot again. Sting came out next, interrupted by Kurt Angle in a wheelchair. Kurt said they would have their match next week for the title.

Abyss squashed Disco Inferno. Black Reign and Jim Mitchell attacked him afterwards. Abyss wound up handcuffed to the ropes with a bag over his head and a rat inside the bag.

Kaz beat Lance Hoyt in a tournament match. They tease a split between Hoyt, Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme.

Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe in a tournament match. Matt Morgan fought Styles and Tomko to the back when they tried to interfere during a ref bump. Robert Roode came in and hit Joe with a chair so Cage got the pin.

Xplosion match also taped:

LAX, Eric Young & Shark Boy beat Senshi, Elix Skipper & VKM.