TiVo Central – Interview with New Star of Heroes, Kristen Bell, and Creator, Tim Kring

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for another series of conference calls for Heroes. Last year, Heroes was highly promoted by NBC through these conference calls and other outlets. It paid off as it became one of the most popular new shows of last year’s TV season. I was there once again to cover this latest conference call.

The second season of Heroes has introduced a bunch of new characters and it seems like that list grows each day. The newest “hero” to debut will be a character played by Kristen Bell. She will maker her debut in the fifth episode of season two, which airs on Monday, October 22. Joining her on this call, to help discuss her role and season two in general, was the creator/executive producer of Heroes, Tim Kring.

If you don’t know or haven’t seen the show, Heroes is basically a show about ordinary people, like you or me, learning that they have extraordinary abilities. You might even call these people “superheroes”. As we will learn, though, some of these people may not be “heroes” after all. They may use their new-found abilities for evil.

Kristen Bell (Elle)

Kristen Bell plays Elle in a recurring role in the second season of Heroes. Like any character on Heroes, there is great mystery surrounding Elle. However, Elle does seem connected to Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and/or H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) in some way. Of course, you probably know Kristen best as Veronica Mars. Besides her role on Heroes this year, Kristen also is the “voice” of Gossip Girl, a new show on The CW that tries to fill the shoes of the recently departed Veronica Mars.

Here are the highlights of what Kristen Bell and Tim Kring said in this conference call for Heroes

Kristen, how did it work out that you’re doing Heroes to begin with? Did you reach out to Tim Kring? Did the show reach out to you? And were you a fan of the show even before the opportunity came up?

Kristen Bell: I was a huge fan of the show. I watched it from its premiere episode. I joked with the writers that Heroes was the water cooler conversation that everyone on Veronica Mars had on set. They have said that in many individual writer circles, Veronica Mars was the water cooler conversation now when they were working on Heroes. I certainly put feelers out there during ComiCon and let them know what a fan of the show I was with the secret hopes that one day I could be a part of it. And then it was ultimate flattery when they came forward and said we might have something for you to do.

Tim, can you talk more about the relationship between Matt, Mohinder, and Molly as a family, and the West and Claire relationship?

Tim Kring: Well the secret of our show is that it really is about the relationships and really about the characters. So we always try to filter all the stories through that idea. But in our show things change and things morph and become very complicated and different as you watch. So one of the hallmarks of the show is that nobody is really who they seem to be.

So in terms of West and Claire, I’m sure there’s lots of questions that the audience has as to whether West is ultimately good for Claire or not. And we’ll just have to stay tuned.

As for Mohinder and Matt and Molly, we wanted to sort of do our version of My Two Dads, a kind of domesticated life for these two characters who we saw circling each other all last year. And one of the interesting things that’s happening this season is the joining of different characters that we never saw last year. Mohinder and Matt is certainly one. Matt and Nathan this past week. Suresh and HRG, Claire’s father, is another one. So it’s a continual sort of quest to try and shake things up.

Tim, was Kristen Bell’s role written with her in mind or did you create the character and then think about who might be good for it?

TK: The character was created before we cast Kristen. And we had been talking about the character for a while and thinking about the character for a while. But when you do cast an actor, especially one that you’re familiar with their work and has as much personality as Kristen has, you try to tailor the character a little closer to who the actor is. So it’s hard to know when one starts to influence the other. But certainly the character was created and conceived long before we cast Kristen.

Kristen, was it difficult or maybe intimidating for you to join a cast that had already been working together since the beginning?

KB: There was anxiety and nerves certainly, but nothing about it has been hard. They are some of the nicest people I’ve really ever worked with. I have also had social relationships with a few of them. I’ve sort of heard through the grapevine what a great job it was, not just an excellent show, but actually really fun to be a part of and an ensemble that really supports each other. To find that many good people in one setting is really hard to find. But clearly that speaks to what comes down through the grapevine like starting with Tim.

Every time you join a different job or a different show I feel like it kind of feels like you’re changing schools like when you’re in high school. It’s that kind of anxiety, like is everyone going to like me? Is this going to be fun? Am I going to do well? And the warmth that I was greeted with, it felt like I was starting a school that all my friends already went to.

TK: Let me just add to that. One of the interesting things that should be noted here is that there was a kind of circle of people around Kristen and the show Heroes that had all of these common relationships. Kristen had known several of the cast members and some for years and years with real long-term relationships with people. And not only that but with some of the writers on the show. So it was an odd. She was sort of already kind of a part of the family by the time we cast her.

Tim, is there a danger that you have too many characters and that you really need to kill people more often?

TK: Yes, on a show like this, you have to be able to fold people in and fold people out. So the audience should fully expect to see characters leaving in the near future.

Kristen, has it been fun playing this new mysterious character?

KB: Oh it’s been so much fun. I have been crossing my fingers in hopes that I’d get a job soon where I could play someone who was as Tim likes to call it, “a little off”, or perhaps didn’t have the brightest and shiniest of intentions. I think the depth at which they’ve written Elle, this character, she’s so conflicted and sort of comes across as such as vixen, it’s so much fun to play with.

Tim, What exactly inspired the show? And in that vein, did you ever have any favorite super heroes or super hero stories that might have acted as inspiration?

TK: Well no. It wasn’t really any super hero stories that inspired the show. The show was inspired by wanting to do a large ensemble drama that tackled some issues that I felt were on everybody’s mind. That was this idea that the world is a very complicated and dangerous place and in need of help and in need of help from us who are all ordinary and trying to think about what it was that could speak to that. In many ways, a regular cop show or medical show just didn’t seem to have answered those questions in a large enough way which led me to the idea of super heroes. And that’s sort of where it came from.

Tim, do you see yourself as a science fiction person or are you just trying to develop a show that you thought was good and it happened to be science fiction?

TK: Yes, I was not particularly a science fiction writer, although I co-created a show called Strange World a few years ago. But what draws me to an idea is almost always the character and the idea of how to put a character into a certain amount of drama that makes it compelling. So the science fiction elements of the show were really just a vehicle to tell dramatic stories about characters who were going through extraordinary things and on an extraordinary journey. Clearly the sci-fi elements are very enticing to a certain audience, and that was intriguing to me as well to try and capture that audience.

Kristen, how did you get to be so cool?

KB: Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’m that cool. I just try to be nice and enjoy what I’m doing I guess. I’ve been really lucky. I’ve been really, really lucky and I stay grateful for that every moment. I hope that comes across cause I love what I do and I want to keep doing it.

TK: And you also hang out with really cool people.

KB: I do. You know what? That’s how I’m cool, because I have such cool friends. I have the coolest friends ever.

Kristen, can you tell us a little bit more about your character? Any other details that you can reveal?

KB: Her name is Elle. I can’t reveal her secret powers. You’ll have to watch Monday. But it’s a very cool power. She has ties to HRG and to Claire. There’s going to be a very interesting dynamic between her and Claire as far as what is and what is not. I think there’s going to be a deeper relationship there than people are expecting. They’re going to see some parallels. But she also has ties a little bit to Suresh. She’s a little messed up in the head which makes her really manipulative and always out to get what she wants. She doesn’t have many boundaries which I think is the really interesting part of playing this character on this particular show because the whole first season has been about these fairly good-natured people in trying to embrace these confusing abilities and being very conflicted as to how they should be using them. And Elle is not that way at all. She very much enjoys her power and enjoys the emotional power it gives her over other people.

TK: Well let me sort of add to that a little bit. The one thing that we will say is that we are tying this character’s side to this company that we have talked about for the last year on the show that Claire’s father was involved with. And so one of the ideas was that Elle is actually raised within the company. It’s in some ways a cautionary tale of what would happen to any of our characters had they lived with their powers their whole life the way Elle had.

Tim, will Matt’s wife ever come back into the story or has he just gone through a reconstruction of who he is with this new family relationship?

TK: We will see the wife again shortly. But there is clearly a mystery as of now to what happened in these intervening four months of the end of season one to the beginning of season two. But clearly he went from a man who’s wife was pregnant and expecting a baby and living in LA to a man who’s living in New York and no longer with his wife. So something happened in that intervening time. And we will find out about it. But yes, we will see the wife again.

Kristen, we know that Heroes is a show where even the actors don’t get to know a whole lot about where the character’s going. It sounds like you actually do have a lot of information. But coming from Veronica Mars, which was another mystery show, do you have a way of approaching these characters where you might not know the ultimate point of the arch?

KB: Yes. Actually that’s one thing that on the first season of Veronica Mars all of the actors struggled with a lot. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just all about trust. I was a little lucky when I was picked for the character, Tim let a few cats out of the bag which is exciting and certainly something that I would never repeat. But ultimately I think working on a show that centered around a mystery and that it’s of such vile importance that you have to trust as an actor that as long as you’re asking what details do I need to know, what should I be showing as far as like me being an actor and being able to tell the story adequately and foreshadow and things like that. And other than that, you just have to trust your creator and your writers and your director that if you weren’t given enough or if they needed you to allude to something they would tell you. It’s just got to be all about trust.

Tim, with the photo of the 12 that we saw this week. Will we be seeing more of the five that we aren’t aware of yet? Have we already met some of them? And will you be using the same actors from the photograph for those roles if they show up? Can confirm whether or not Joanna Cassidy was one of the actors that was standing there?

TK: Yes on almost all of those accounts. We will be seeing the people in the photo. I think all of them will be the same ones which I just have to tell you, the photo has got a life of its own. Because logistically it was so difficult to actually come up with this photograph that’s used now and refers to things that are shot well in the future here, it was very difficult to get that all lined up. But yes, the photo is as accurate as we can make it. And it did look an awful lot like Joanna Cassidy in there.

Tim, with the possibility of a writers’ strike later this month, what kind of an impact has that had on the writing and production for you guys?

TK: Well to be really honest, it has not had a lot of impact. We, like everybody else, had assumed that a strike would be well after our season ended. So we never really prepared for it. The fact that we were a little ahead of other people, we started production a month earlier than most people has been mistakenly interpreted as that we were doing it because of the strike. But in fact it was that we were doing 24 episodes this year. And since our show is so much more complicated production-wise than almost any other show on TV, we just needed the extra time. So once that train starts rolling, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. You can’t speed it up and you can’t really slow it down. So in reality the strike doesn’t have a lot of effect on us. It clearly will have a tremendous effect if it happens. But in terms of what we’ve done up until now, no not really.

Kristen, how do you keep quiet about the storylines when people always want you to leak something?

KB: I mean even amongst the cast, everybody’s always asking everybody else who has more information. And unfortunately going into it, maybe I just had a big old smile on my face or maybe you could just sense it, but I had a substantial amount of information and sort of all the other cast members were trying to pick it out of me. But I think I did a pretty good job of just smiling through it and knowing that I was lucky enough to have been told a little bit of where my character was going or at least know her first arch. It’s hard because when you have secrets, of course, you want to spill them. But you have to realize how important it is and how vital it is to keep them secrets and that it keeps your job and that it’s actually kind of fun when you know a little bit more information than everyone else.

Kristen, you and Hayden Panettiere have known each other for awhile now. Can you talk more about that?

KB: Yeah, I mean I have known Hayden since she was eight. We met in New York. We had the same agent. I was substantially older than she was, but I was just starting college and met her. She came to some plays that I did in New York. She was a lovely little girl. Even then you could tell that there was something so alarmingly special about who she was and what she was going to be able to accomplish as a performer. Even at eight years old you could tell. It was right before she did Remember the Titans, which she was so great in. And I’ve sort of kept up a relationship with her just socially. And having joined the cast now it’s been really nice because I think really good girlfriends are so rare to find in LA. And she’s a really cool honest girl. And so we’ve sort of become closer because of the show. And we always used to joke about trying to play sisters or friends in a project. And so, you know, we might not be either of those in this show, but it’s still fun to get to work together.

How do you expect Veronica Mars fans to react when they see your new character? Do you interact with them a lot?

KB: Well one thing I will say about Veronica Mars fans, they are extremely interactive whether it is on a street corner or whether it is on a blog. They are definitely interactive. I hope everyone will have fun with it. I mean honestly, I’ve been having a blast with it. It’s a little deeper character work when you have to really figure out someone’s intentions. Because I don’t even think evil characters are evil. They always think they’re doing something right. And it’s to get to that sort of what’s the difference between right and wrong kind of point which is fun and which is cool to work on as an actor. I mean I hope everybody’s going to have fun with it because I love rooting for the underdog but it’s also a lot of fun to play someone who’s a little crazy.

Kristen, it was widely reported that you were offered a recurring role on Lost as well. Why did you decide to be on Heroes instead?

KB: Well I think that the facts of the situation are that the media might have gotten a little ahead of themselves because I had been spoken to about possibly doing a role on Lost, but I was never actually offered one. That certainly would have been a wonderful opportunity. But I think I have been such a fan of Heroes from the very beginning that this would have been the dreamiest situation I could have possibly thought up as my next job. So when Tim came forward I sort of pounced on it.

Tim, how do you guard against fan frustration setting in if the plot seems to be getting more and more complicated and we seem to be further away from any answers than we were three episodes ago? Also at what point in the season can we expect the foray to Canada that you’ve spoken of before?

TK: Well we actually are not a show that tries to keep answers away from the audience. Our sort of feeling is that no answer is so precious that we can’t tell the audience what it is. That being said, there’s a certain amount of fun with drawing things out enough that it keeps your interest. But our show changes and morphs all the time. One of the things that we did this season that we didn’t do last season, last season we had one volume. It was called “Genesis”. It just happened to be 23 episodes long. So one of the things that we found is that by the end of the year we were dragging a tremendous amount of story behind us that had to be paid off in that final episode which made for an episode that the expectations were so high that it was hard to meet everybody’s expectations.

So this season we’re going to have multiple volumes. The first one is called “Generation”, started with Episode 1 of this season and ends on Episode 11 where every question that is raised will be answered within these 11 episodes so that it’s one complete volume that then cliff hangs us and takes us across the break into another volume. Usually I think people say they want answers, but they really enjoy the idea of following the mystery and watching it twist and turn.

And as for Canada, the show takes that turn in I think two episodes from now.

Kristen, with the rise of shows like Chuck and a sudden emphasis on geek sub culture, as a female geek icon who is beautiful and brainy, what are your geeky, guilty pleasures?

KB: Oh wow, my geeky, guilty pleasures? I bet my ComiCon would be a geeky, guilty pleasure. I think the geekiest of all my pleasures at ComiCon is I’d definitely try to go around and get pictures with every single person who dresses up, because the people come in full costume. They just fascinate me, absolutely fascinate me. And what’s even more fascinating is that if I were to come in costume like dressed as a Storm Trooper, I would kind of expect the fact that people are going to want pictures of me. Most of the time when I ask them for pictures they’re like so “oh, all right, just make it quick” like it’s like so frustrating for them. And it’s so fascinating to me because I’m like well you’re the one that came in costume so don’t get angry at me.

My geeky, guilty pleasures, I don’t know. I mean certainly having done Fanboys, anything Star Wars is now sort of wonderful and fascinating to me and then the fact that I’m sort of still learning. And all my friends are Fanboys. So it’s not so much that I’m like typically going out on my own as much as I am learning from them and have just been so embraced by this community that I love it. And now I’m sort of coming into my own as a Fangirl and seeking things out like the New Beverly in Los Angeles had a double feature the other night of Tron and the Last Starfighter. So I was like I kind of need to see that at least just once in my life because that seemed like an awesome double feature, you know?

Kristen, how long can we expect to see you on Heroes? And would you be up for it being more of a long term commitment or something where you could come back periodically?

KB: I would be up for that. I think that this has been a great relationship so far. And there was no hesitancy with entering as far as becoming a main part of the show, just more like well from both ends it was like let’s feel each other out and see how you fit into the show and if you’re happy. It’s been a great relationship so far. Right now I think that I am signed on for 13 episodes which certainly is up to the discretion of the writers as far as how it fits into the major plot lines. They could use me or I could just sit on the sidelines. But I hope they use me because I’m really having a good time. Then at the end of the 13 episodes we decided to have a pow-wow and sit down and see if it make sense for me to continue.

Kristen, what is it about doing television and Heroes in particular that is attractive to you creatively?

KB: Well what attracted me to Heroes was the fact that when I caught the season premiere it was just so engulfing it’s like I couldn’t think about anything else. I mean when I’m telling you it was the water cooler conversation, I’m not kidding. Like we would come into Veronica Mars and like the entire camera crew would stand around. It’d be like, “yeah, but did you see what happened last night and did you see who Claire’s father is?” Like there are hooks that people are able to sink into you when telling a story that I think Tim has mastered and I think Rob Thomas mastered for the much smaller but certainly avid viewers that we had on Veronica Mars. It makes you want to be involved, you know. And I think they’re also really smart shows and they’re a little harder to follow which I really like. Because when you treat the audience like an intelligent member, you tend to attract intelligent viewers.

The medium for me is the difference. I mean I certainly love and miss theater. Film is so much fun as well and it’s a little bit more like camp because you’re usually on location and you have a couple months of people that you get really close with and then it’s always sort of like end of the summer syndrome. With TV I really like the security. I like the sense of family. I mean I like knowing who I work with. I work in this business because I like performing and I also really like the creative relationships. I think coming to work with people that you love and being able to see them on a daily basis is a really special thing. Not that many people get to absolutely love what they do. I’m lucky to be one of those people.

Tim, you mentioned to ComiCon that you had an announcement wherein you wanted to harness the power of the Heroes fan base towards something good and you would be making an announcement in future months. Do you have anything more to add to that?

TK: Well I do, but it’s just a hair premature. We’re working towards this. Just to clarify, it became very important to me to try and tap into what I saw was a very large fan base of people who were not used to being tapped for any philanthropic or charitable ideas and just being used for their demographic. So I just saw a tremendous opportunity there with people who felt a connection to the show and a connection to the message of the show, a message of inter-connectivity and a message of hope and a message of healing and healing the world.

There are a few things that we are looking at internally here of aligning ourselves towards with some various organizations that I think we could really have a unique way of doing an Internet-based Web-based movement based on the fan base of Heroes. I promise you that in the very, very near future we’re going to start to talk about it. But I can’t really talk about it this second.

Kristen, how do you feel now that you’re the voice of the Gossip Girl? How does that work for you?

KB: Gossip Girl has been great. I mean I’ve known Josh Schwartz for a little bit and was sort of happy when they wanted me involved in it. It’s sort of an easy deal for me because it’s not on camera. I’ve always dreamed about having a job where I could go and show up in my jammies. That’s kind of what it is. But I love and support Josh and it’s been a lot of fun. But I’ll never make an on camera appearance on that show.

Tim, can you talk about balancing the desire to catch people up or bring new people in at the start of the season to kind of getting on with it and moving along?

TK: One of the problems with starting a season is that you have to start everything pretty much at the same time, or at least that’s the impulse. On a show like ours where there’s a lot to cover, it can get a bit cluttered. But we have now settled into a pattern of telling fewer stories, which allows for a deeper sort of experience with the show with each one of these stories. But one of the pressures becomes the balancing act of people coming in and people sitting out. So not everybody can be in every episode. And part of what happens on any show is that you enter a relationship with your viewers where you teach them how to watch your show and they teach you what they seem to be responding to. So for us, I think we are in this process right now of teaching the audience how to get used to the idea that not everybody is going to be in every single episode.

This past week’s episode was a great example of it. We didn’t have Hiro, Masi’s character or Milo’s character, Peter Petrelli, in this past week’s episode and others. But those were two big storylines that we followed from the very beginning of the season. That episode was still compelling and intriguing. I don’t think that you really miss seeing them for one episode because you know that their stories will pick right up where they left off last time.

Kristen, you’ve played Veronica Mars, considered joining the cast of Lost and are now on Heroes. In other words, you seem to be attracted to cult shows. Can you comment a bit on that and also if you’ve ever had any funny or bizarre run-ins with what I assume are some pretty nerdy fans?

KB: The thing about cult shows for me is that I would so much rather be on a show that people are wildly obsessed with and watch because they can’t not than on a show that people just turn on because it’s on Prime Time television. As a performer and as a creator of a TV show, you want people to invest in your project. You want people to love it, not just like it.

As far as the coolest fans ever which are some of the ones that I’ve run into, I mean it can get really intense. I’m not going to lie. The one thing that is different about those kind of fans because they are so invested more times than not when they see you, there’s much more like there’s tears coming and they don’t really know what to do with themselves because it’s not just like “oh, that’s the person I watch on the television show. It’s like that the person I follow and am deeply invested in.” And there’s a lot of shaking and sweating palms and tears. But it’s precious, you know. It’s precious. They’re all kind of funny and bizarre, but at the same time lovely because they’re coming up to you because they support you.

Kristen, is it a relief for you not playing a teenager anymore? And do you hope that your Veronica Mars stance will move on with you?

KB: Yes, I certainly hope so. I have always played about ten years younger than I am which is a major blessing just even in real life. My family’s very petite and I have a young looking face and good genes I guess. I’m thankful to my parents. That being said, as an actor there are certain things that I’m going through in my own life in my late 20s that I’m experiencing. That’s what you draw upon in your acting. So I hope that I’ll be accepted as playing closer to my age. I know that I still look a lot younger. But I’m thankful to sort of be out of teenageville a little bit. I don’t dislike it at all. I’ve just had my fill of it. I’ve had a lot of it.

Kristen, of all the characters on the show, which would you like most to see Elle interact with? And if you could steal one of their powers, which one would it be?

KB: I would like to most interact with Zachary Quinto for on-camera and off-camera reasons. Zachary Quinto has been a good friend of mine for almost ten years now. I’ve always wanted to work with him and besides the fact that he’s pretty much the coolest thing because he’s so unpredictable and so downright evil. It’s almost hard for me to watch because it’s the polar opposite of Zach’s personality because he’s just the kindest, gentlest most giving person. I would love to see him and Elle face off one day. I think that that would be unbelievable.

As far as stealing powers, I don’t know about stealing anyone’s power. But the one power I would like to have, because that’s the question that the cast gets most often like “what would your super hero power be”, after thinking long and hard about it mine would be multiplicity. Because I think it would be great to be able to multiply myself and cook myself dinner. I’d just be like “hey, clean that up”, you know? Because I always feel like if there were more of me, I could get so much more done. I’d be so much more happier.

Kristen, do you miss playing Veronica Mars or were you just sort of ready to move on?

KB: So badly, so badly. I do. I mean I miss the crew. I miss the writers. I miss actually playing the character because there was a certain ease you get when you’ve been at a job for a while and you just feel like it clicks, and you have a character that you’ve worked with for so long, there’s a certain part of you that is a little bit her and she’s a little bit you. It’s not only easy after a while, but it’s really fun.

Kristen, you’ve spoke of Elle’s moral ambiguity and her mental health status. Can you tell us what some of her strengths will be?

KB: Oh wow, determination. She’s a very fierce and intense personality. When she wants something, she wants it and she wants it now which I think is good when you’re working with the good guys and is really bad when you’re working with the bad guys. I think that’s what she’ll kind of ping-pong in-between. She has an inability to decipher between right and wrong. That’s what makes her so interesting. She always thinks what she’s doing is right. But it’s because she was raised by the company and not by a normal family that you’ll sympathize with her. I certainly hope you’ll sympathize with her in trying to understand how her childhood really messed her up. Then hopefully she can get a little bit of redemption.

Kristen, is there a particular upcoming episode that you’re very excited about that we should watch out for good Elle stuff in?

KB: Oh wow, yes. Unfortunately it might be a little bit of a tease because I start in Episode 5, and then I’m not in 6 or 7 which I guess is sort of part of the mystery and at least that’s what I’m saying. Episodes 8 and 9 have a lot of Elle. They expose her storyline. A few of the storylines completely revolve around her. So shooting 8 and 9 was really great for me. I had a lot of stuff in 8 and 9. And so I sort of have to hold out myself to be able to see 8 and 9 and sort of really see how the character reads as far as interacting with all the other storylines.

There’s been talk of Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars, continuing Veronica Mars in comic book form. Between that and the environment you’re in now, any aspirations to get in there and maybe write an issue or two yourself?

KB: If Rob invites me to go mow his lawn, I’ll consider it. I have heard rumors of that, yes. I hope it comes to fruition. I know Rob is a very busy man and rightfully so. But yeah, I would not be opposed to being involved in that at all.

Kristen, would you say this character of Elle will be a character that fans will love or will it become a character that fans will love to hate?

KB: I think she’ll go backwards in that area. I think that they will love to hate her initially while they’re confused about her intentions. But I think that the more you find out about her, the more you’ll sympathize with her. At least I hope so. I don’t know how it will read, though.

Kristen, you were saying on the Veronica Mars set, Heroes was the talk around the water cooler. Have any of your former cast mates from Veronica Mars prodded you about your new role on Heroes?

KB: Oh my God, every single one of them. We were talking about it this morning because I was having breakfast with Ryan Hansen. He of course has asked me all the questions. We watched this last episode and everybody sort of texted me, was really excited because the editors sort of made it a really big deal at the end of the show that I was coming on. I was so flattered. But our whole crew watched the show. So I got a lot of text messages. I kind of like to hold it over their head, I’m not going to lie. It’s kind of exciting to go like “well, why don’t you just watch”. And they’re like “oh Kristen”. They have to watch the show like everyone else.

Heroes airs on NBC in the U.S. on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Heroes airs on the GLOBAL network in Canada on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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