Captain's Log: Kid Nation – Episode 5

Religion took center stage last week in Bonanza City and it wasn’t a pretty sight. No-one wanted to deal with the Town Council’s idea for a group gathering of all the religions so the service was a total bomb. The Blue Team ended up the upper class again in the steeple chase puzzle showdown while the Green Team was once again the laborers. Almost the entire Yellow Team continued to be useless while the Red Team is just kinda there. But little do the kids know that things are about to e shaken up big time.

Viva La Revolution

Zach (Yellow) is up early and knows he needs to be in the kitchen with the rest of his team so he attempts to get the rest of his team to help him. Taylor rolls herself up in her sleeping bag and doesn’t want to get up as usual. The rest of the girls follow suit and start yelling at Zach to leave and shut the door. He should drag those girls out by their hair caveman-style.

Team Council member Anjay (Blue) is doing his best in his team’s bunkhouse to get them to come help in the kitchen. Problem is they know they don’t have to do anything being the upper class and really don’t feel like it. The team speaks of mutiny after Anjay leaves because they don’t respect or see him as a true leader. I see their point because he has been very low key this whole season so far.

The Team Council goes to read the journal and learn about elections. It seems the former residents of Bonanza City had leaders that had gotten too used to their power positions and would soon be removed. The journal suggests holding elections and this doesn’t sit well with the Council. They want to keep their positions but know it isn’t likely. Taylor sits there staring into space. HA!

Back in the lunchroom type place, there is a huge food fight going on. This is fantastic as the kids are going absolutely ballistic.

The Council shows up and tries to gain control, but is failing miserably. The only thing that happens is them ending up with just as much food on them as everyone else. That is until Anjay picks up a mug and almost threatens to throw it at someone to get them to stop. Olivia (Blue) sarcastically calls Anjay “real mature,” which prompts a nice argument between them.

Council member Laurel (Green) announces the elections. It is explained that the teams will remain the same but everyone will be able to vote for who is running for election in their own teams. Sophia (Green) asks if the Council feels they will keep their spots and Mike (Red) is the only to speak up. He isn’t so sure. I really don’t see Anjay and especially Taylor keeping their spots, but I think it’s possible that Laurel and Mike could.

A bit of campaigning is going on as Zach announces his candidacy for Yellow and Olivia has a message for Anjay.

Olivia: “I’m running against you, just so you know.”

Anjay: “SHUT UP!”


Green team has a bit of a meeting to discuss if anyone is going to run for Laurel’s spot. Even though there are three gold star winners on her team in Sophia, Michael, and Morgan; they all decide to leave things as they are. Sophia doesn’t feel she could be as good a leader as Laurel. Michael would run for office if he were up against any of the other Council members. Told ya so.

The town is gathered up and it’s “please don’t vote against me” speech time for the Council. Mike believes he is doing a good job for the Red team and can continue to do so. After a brief moment of suspense, Guylan surprisingly steps up to announce he is running. He says that he’ll make Bonanza City more like a democracy and less like a dictatorship.

Seriously now, where did they find these kids?

Anjay knows he has made some mistakes as the Blue team leader, but would like to be able to fix them. Olivia announces her candidacy and says this isn’t a popularity contest. She wants everyone to vote for who they think will do a better job; not who they like more.

Now the moment we’ve been waiting for arrives as Taylor asks the Yellow team for a second chance. She knows she has been lazy and would like to show that she can still be a good leader. Zach steps up to the plate to give his speech and let me tell you folks that it is phenomenal.

Zach: “Everyone, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘deal with it,” well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick of it. Taylor says she has been lazy. Well…{dramatic pause}…I agree with her, she has been lazy.”

I’d vote for him.

The Green team needs no vote because they have decided Laurel is the best person for the job.

Mike (Red) tells Guylan to his face that he doesn’t think he can do as good a job at leading as he has. He believes Guylan has always been more of a follower and he is surprised that he stepped up. Good God man, that’s not the way to win over fans.


There are hundreds of red, white, and blue pi�atas hanging on strings all around the field. The kids will go out one at a time and destroy one with a stick. If a picture of a President falls out, they then run it back to their team and the next person goes out. If there is nothing in it, then they simply head back for the next person’s turn. They are to collect seven different pictures and have them put in chronological order of when they held office. Once in order, the Council member for each team rings a bell.

The teams only have thirty minutes to do this in order to get the big reward. Why does it seem like they get less time every single week?

As the showdown commences, the teams are all doing whatever they can to find pictures. It seems to be more a game of luck until they actually have all their pictures. With close to ten minutes left, Green and Yellow are out in front with the Blue team having fallen way behind in finding the pictures.

Yellow and Green finish at the same time getting their pictures in order. Racing for the bell, Laurel actually pushes Taylor out the way and hits the bell first but she has the order wrong. Taylor hits the bell and Yellow finishes first for upper class as the youngest kids knew the right order. Green makes a few switches (no thanks to Sophia) and ends up as the merchant class which is a welcome change.

Red gets in under the gong and they are the cooks. Time is running out for the big prize and Blue still only has four pictures. Even though they know they are the laborers; this team is working their butts off for the big reward. With mere seconds left, they make it and the reward is theirs.

As always there is a choice and this time around it’s either: numerous bbq grills and meat or toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss for everyone. The Council members discuss and disagree of course. When all is said and done, the unpopular choice is made and they take the hygienic route.

With election time approaching, Zach realizes that he is starting off at a major disadvantage. In order to win, he’s going to need to get one or more of the girls on his side or else Taylor will get enough votes simply from her own clique. That really sucks because I can’t stand seeing that little girl in a position of power any longer.

Red seems torn down the middle on voting for Mike or Guylan.

The Blue team needs to make a change now before Anjay has a nervous breakdown. He’s even threatening people by telling them not to mention Olivia’s name when he has sharp objects in his hands. You just go ahead and peel those potatoes bud. Kid needs Prozac bad.

Campaign posters are being hung all over town by Taylor and her little gal pals. Markelle (Red) takes one of the posters down, rips it in half, and jumps all over it with a pogo stick shouting “Vote Taylor Out! Vote Taylor Out!” Anjay tries to get him to stop as Layla (Yellow) hangs her sign back up in tears. Markelle tears it down again causing Layla to run off crying.

Greg makes his way over to the Yellow bunk and consoles Layla. This leads to the meeting of the Town Council for the gold star. Taylor automatically goes for Greg getting it, but Mike nixes that idea yet again. Jesus man, just let it go and let the guy get the thing. He has been working his ass off for the city and because you hold a grudge; you’re going to neglect him of something he is fighting for. Zach is nominated as well and everyone agrees to some extent that he deserves it too.

As the town comes together for the meeting, the gold star is before elections. After much deliberation, the winner is…Greg. Thank goodness, that boy deserves it. He is very happy and lets everyone know that they are helping him a great deal here because now he can go to college. See, and Mike didn’t want that. I hope Mike loses his election. I don’t care if he is a kid. Greg can place his phone call, but after elections.

Everyone gets a vote and they are all placed in the box. Laurel is of course safe since no-one is running against her, but it’s time to tally the votes. Oops sorry, wrong show.

First up is Blue and in a bit of a shocker, Anjay wins almost in a landslide. Olivia is extremely down about this as Anjay promises to be a better leader and says that he will respect Olivia’s ideas in the future.

Olivia: “I don’t believe you.” Ouch!

Next up is Red and it is no contest. Guylan wins as Mike got only one vote (his own) and loses his chair with tears in his eyes.

Finally is the Yellow vote and to see if Zach was able to swing a few votes his way. After eight votes, they are tied four to four with one more remaining. It is announced that Zach has won the seat and will take over as the leader of Yellow. He jumps up and screams “VIVA LA REVOLUTION!”

Your new Town Council is Anjay, Laurel, Zach, and Guylan. Greg goes off to make his phone call to his parents and his mom seems totally awestruck. He goes on about his college plans and he looks genuinely ecstatic.

Next week things are under new management as the kicked out Council members try to cope with their losses. Bonanza City also must learn to deal with an ever growing trash problem as rats infest the town. Taylor is not dealing with having to do work, but it seems Zach is standing firm and even refusing their pay if they are lazy. This is your Captain speaking folks, and I’ll see you next week for more juvenile drama.

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