The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 10.19.07

After having been honored with the key to the city of Bridgeport, Conn., last week for his charity work, 50 Cent quickly canceled out his act of goodwill when he attacked actor Frank John Hughes during the filming of an upcoming movie.

According to a witness who was on-hand during the filming of the drama Righteous Kill, 50 Cent and Hughes (who is best known for his role as “Wild Bill” Guarnere in HBO’s Band of Brothers) got involved in an altercation after Hughes made a comment about 50 Cent forgetting his lines, with Hughes ending up with minor injuries.

“Frank tried to correct [50 Cent] and he got really upset,” the witness told reporters. “Before it was all over he had Frank on the ground pummeling him. … The paramedics looked at Frank and he’s OK. It’s everyone else here that’s still shaken up… No one is trying to get on his bad side.”

What an asshole. Not only is this guy a shitty actor who can’t remember his lines, but he’s also a no-good thug who can’t take criticism. He should have been fired from the movie and blacklisted from Hollywood—this is unacceptable. It probably didn’t help that the incident occurred shortly after 50 Cent got his ass handed to him in the record selloff with Kanye West, but it’s still no excuse. Will somebody please fatally shoot this guy already so we can be done with him once and for all?