MTV Mix – Volume 55

We say goodbye to two shows this week. You know what that means? Three more shows are making their debut next week. That math does still work out, by the way. But before we get there, we have to break down what happened this week. So get out your mixing sticks and join me for another wild ride down the MTV highway…



The Hills

Lauren recaps recent events to Whitney. Let see, Brody kissed her (**Insert great Lauren facial expression here**), and she got into a fight with Audrina. Lauren even gives us a “random” as Jen Bunney sends her a text message. Apparently she has something to tell Lauren.

Lauren talks to Audrina. Lauren says she is stubborn and doesn’t like to admit when she is wrong. She also admits that she is still “broken” from last year with the Heidi/Spencer situation and doesn’t want to see someone get hurt like that again. Hence, why she is acting this way with Audrina and Justin. Lauren tells Audrina that she will just “shut up” and let Audrina live her life basically.

For the record, Lo, Whitney, and Audrina are all surprised that Lauren is going to talk to Jen. Jen tells Lauren that Heidi said that Brody started the rumors of the sex tape between Lauren and Jason. Lauren doesn’t believe that to be true, though. Audrina doesn’t believe Brody would start the rumors either.

Heidi’s boss, Brent, chews her out for what happened with Elodie. She should have told someone who she had filling in for her. He gives her the “don’t let happen again” speech and that’s that. Spencer gives Heidi some advice. “You can’t depend on anyone.” He was referring to Elodie, but some may twist it and apply that statement to Spencer. Who knows if Heidi was smart enough to do that herself.

Audrina tells Justin what Lauren told her. Audrina is going to do what she wants to do and Lauren is not going to butt in anymore. Justin wants everything to be “mellow”. That means no drama! Lauren has dinner with Brody. Lauren wants to know the truth from him. Brody finally looks her in the eyes and says that Spencer and Heidi were the ones to spread the rumors. He knows that for a fact!

Jen tells Heidi about her conversation with Lauren. She then tells Heidi that Brody told Lauren that Heidi and Spencer started the rumors. Heidi gets all defensive when Jen even suggests that Spencer might have started it. Heidi then runs off to tell Spencer what happened. Someone is lying, and it is probably more than one person. But does it really matter? Would it change anything if the truth came out? People are going to believe what they want to believe to justify why they like or don’t like certain people. If the sex tape rumor get resolved, they will just find something else to fight about. That’s the reality of these kids living in The Hills.

Life of Ryan

It’s the season finale of the Life of Ryan. I should mention here that they had a “dating contest” for Ryan the other night. One girl won the chance to come hang out with Ryan and all of his friends. Hmm, that seems a little odd to be the only girl in a group of all guys, but she will be next to Ryan so I’m sure that is all she cares about.

Anyways on to this final episode. It’s sad when Ryan’s parents have more drama than Ryan. Basically, Ryan’s dad is mad that Ryan’s mom is dating “trash” he says. Of course, he is doing the same thing and Ryan is in the middle of it.

This leads to Ryan telling his mom that he wants to move out. His mom doesn’t like that idea. She thinks he will just party it up. Ryan’s agent gives him advice on the house thing. He tells him the same thing his mom told him. Ryan takes his advice more to heart, though, since he is unbiased.

Ryan takes time to get dressed up in a weird outfit and shoot a segment for Tony Hawk’s new videogame. It’s Ryan, Tony, Bam, and another skater dressed as pigeons. It’s REALLY weird. Ryan is dreading telling his youngest brother, Kane, that he is moving out.

Ryan, his mom, and agent go looking for houses. They eventually find one. Ryan finally tells his dad about him getting his own house. His dad is a little pissed that Ryan didn’t include him. His dad then lectures him about the finances of buying a house. Somehow I think that’s what he does for a living. Ryan’s dad is “so over it” by the way. Ryan’s dad is so lame and juvenile. He tries too hard to act cool and younger than he actually is.

Ryan finally tells Kane that he is moving out. He doesn’t like it at all. He says he is going to miss Ryan, etc. Kane can come over anytime he wants, though. It wouldn’t be a reality show set in California without a bonfire. Ryan and his friends have one and he tells them that he put an offer down for a house. The summer is over and so is this show, at least for now. I’m sure they will probably have another season to see what crazy things happen in his new house, but that’s all for now.


A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila

So Tila dropped the bomb on everyone at the end of last week’s episode. Now it’s time for their reactions. The girls were more pissed off by the guys being there than the guys were. That should be pretty obvious. There is a reason why most of these girls are lesbians. That reason is they don’t like men at all. Lala doesn’t like this whole thing at all. She looks to be ready to go home and eventually does.

So the majority of this episode goes like this. The guys try to talk to the girls and the girls assume they are hitting on them and they get pissed off! The girls really feel betrayed by Tila. The guys are just being guys. Lots of arguing happens. The girls seem ready to gang up on the guys and get rid of them first. Brandi throws Domenico under the bus. Meanwhile, Marcus makes his case to Tila. Ashley yells to everyone that he hates Marcus. Marcus, Ashley, and Domenico are the most annoying guys of the bunch, by the way. This results in Marcus and Ashley getting into a fight. They are both idiots, but at least they are somewhat interesting.

Tila runs off crying. She is putting herself out there for the first time and it’s a lot to go through with everyone fighting around her. Rebecca is her shoulder to cry on. The rest of the guys don’t like the fight between Ashley and Marcus since it gives them a bad name as well. More of the girls saying “we understand more than the guys”, and more of the guys saying that “they are cool” with Tila being a bi-sexual.

Apparently Ashley had a few girlfriends that ended up being lesbians. All of the guys make their case to the girls that they have no problem with lesbians. So basically they are kissing ass. Vanessa’s plan is to use her “assets” to lure the guys in and away from Tila. It seems to be working so far.

Now it’s time for some “fun”. Tila makes the guys were high heels and strut their stuff on the red carpet. The guys really seem to be enjoying that way too much. Tila makes the girls do real push-ups. They have to do 20. That’s really not hard. Marcus then gives a playful smack on Sara’s ass. Sara says he grabbed it, but that’s a lie. Now everyone jumps into some foam and attempts to wrestle around in it and grab three chips at the bottom. A chip meant you got “alone time” with Tila. Eric, Eddie, and Rebecca won that right.

It’s finally time for Tila to send some people home. Lala already decided to go home, so she is out. But Tila eliminates Eddie, because he’s an older virgin, Grace, simply because she is not her type, Steffanie, since she didn’t know anything about her, and Marcus. Not a big surprise, since he did cause a lot of drama but he did have an interesting personality. Dumb Ashley is still there, though. The 17 remaining people will move into the house with Tila. That should be fun.


The Real World: Sydney

It has been building up to this. The catfight between Parisa and Trisha continues and takes a turn on the wild side. They yell at each other and Shauvon steps in between them to try and calm down the situation. Blah, blah, blah, can we get to the good stuff already? Dunbar tells Parisa that every guy feels the same way about Trisha that she does.

Trisha then wants Dunbar to tell her the truth. He won’t say anything really. He just wants to stay out of everything. That was funny, especially Trisha’s face when Dunbar wouldn’t say anything. Cohutta informs Trisha that she kissed Alex. Trisha doesn’t remember that. Cohutta said probably because she was too drunk to remember. Wow, Trisha is a big liar. She told a completely different story in an interview recently.

Now get this. The next day we get the usual “Real World” storyline meaning big drunken fights one night and the next morning everything is fine when everyone is sober. Same goes for Trisha and Parisa here. Meanwhile, Shauvon flirts with random guys to not think about her ex-boyfriend. We get a montage of Shauvon being a hypocrite just like Trisha. She loves her ex, but kisses other guys. Parisa is not the only one confused by this. Shauvon is so confused and cries as she writes her ex an e-mail telling him what she has done, etc.

Trisha doesn’t know what to do about Jarod. She asks everyone when she should tell him what she has done in Aussie land. It should be soon and on the phone before he plans to visit her in Australia. She does that and he doesn’t like the whole situation, but seems willing to move on perhaps. Parisa and Trisha sure can’t, though. Enough talk of Alex. More blah, blah, blah from these girls. Trisha is so childish. Parisa is getting pissed.

Parisa apologizes to the guys for the yelling. Parisa says that Trisha is not her mother, so she needs to shut up and not tell her what to do. Issac says girls and guys fight over silly things, but guys just punch each other and then the argument is over. Girls just hold grudges forever. In the mean time, Shauvon gets an e-mail back from her ex. Apparently she wants to try things again, but her ex still wants to control her. He says she has to pick between him and staying in Australia on The Real World. We are left with that to end this episode.

So is anyone going home or are they just teasing us? I wish Trisha would just hit Parisa and get sent home. Maybe Shauvon will decide to leave as well. They are quickly becoming annoying by acting like hypocrites. Something needs to happen soon, because I don’t think I can take the same BS each week!

Pageant Place

Tara enters the house and hangs out with Rachel and Riyo. They discuss Tara’s nine tattoos. Meanwhile, Katie and her boyfriend hang out. Katie finally comes home and there should be a small explosion. They would like for us to believe it’s like World War III, but it’s really not. Just stupid girl catfight stuff. See above with The Real World.

So the rest of this episode resembles any episode of The Hills or The Real World. Katie’s boyfriend seems to be the jealous type who can be an ass at times. Reminds me of Spencer. That hurts since his name is Josh, but it’s true. He doesn’t like her modeling with some other male model. DRAMA!

Also, there is still lots of tension between Tara and Katie for obvious reasons and Rachel and Tara as well, since Rachel doesn’t want to be overshadowed by the former Miss USA. Just the typical girl stuff.

In the end, this show is looking to really annoy me than entertain me. We have seen all of this before in other MTV shows. The only difference is the fact that these are all pageant winners. But really they are just girls that act just as immature. I will hang in there for the time being, though.


Celebrity Rap Superstar

This show finally ends. It’s Shar Jackson vs. Kendra Wilkinson in the finals. It’s the “rapper” vs. the “ass shaker”. Shar should win, but Kendra can sure shake what her mama gave her so she might pull it out. Lets see what happens as these two “rap” their hearts out one last time hopefully.

– Kendra and Shar tag team to rap “It Takes Two” to start us off. Not that bad.

– Jamal, Jason, and Efren come back to team up on “Shake Ya Tailfeathers”. Yep, they still suck.

– Sebastian goes solo on “Let the Boys Be Boys”.

– Shar and Kendra come back with help from Countess and Perez to rap “Whatta Man”.

– Finally some good rapping as the mentors show off their professional skills.

– Kendra is alone to rap “Blow The Whistle” once again. That’s her favorite from the season.

– Shar raps her favorite of the season “Get Ya Freak On”.

– The winner is finally announced and it’s Shar Jackson! So rapping wins out! No surprise there. Hopefully we won’t be seeing this again. Nice experiment, but a total trainwreck!

And that ends the 55th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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