Health Updates on Lex Luger & Judas Mesias

To follow up on yesterday’s story that Lex Luger suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, Rob Serita, who is apparently marketing director of this weekend’s WrestleFanFest in San Francisco where Luger was scheduled to appear, posted the following on the fest’s message board:

LEX IS FINE…. it’s not a stroke. he was not feeling well after his morning workout so he went in for a few tests. HE IS 100% FINE!!!!!!!!

Bryan Alvarez, who broke the story on, said earlier today that he was still hospitalized as of Saturday morning, listed in stable condition, after what is believed to have been a stroke or heart attack on Friday. Dave Meltzer wrote at that Lex “is no longer at Stanford University Hospital, but has also not returned to his hotel.”

Whatever the case may be, we wish Lex a quick and full recovery.

In other news, Ricky “Mesias” Banderas returned to the ring at the AAA Thursday night TV tapings in Aguascalientes, according to Mesias is the AAA World Heavyweight Champion.

Side-note: Teddy Hart no-showed a scheduled appearance for the PWA in Calgary last night.

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