A Case of the…. Smallville – Episode 7-4

Last week the Smallville writers gave me my Kristin Kreuk/Laura Vandervoort scene with the latter wearing nothing but a bikini and high heels. This week, we had them both in adorable pajamas. Once again, thank you. But you’re still not forgiven for the Smallville season six DVD set.

Speaking of the aforementioned Lana/Kara scene, what was up with Kara throwing down all of those pop culture references? She’s certainly adjusted to life on earth pretty quickly. And while I’m on the topic of that particular scene, did Clark just steal maple syrup? I mean, sure, I can accept that he can use his super speed to run to Vermont and back within milliseconds, but how on earth would a cashier ring him up so quickly? And the thing was bottled with a label, so I refuse to believe he harvested it himself. Alright, rant over.

One part of this episode I especially enjoyed is that it shed some light on Chloe’s “meteor freak” ability. While it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know (her tears can heal people, but it takes a toll on her physically), but it was nice that it was explicitly stated on the show.

What’s also interesting to me regarding this Chloe story arc is the complete 180 she finds herself in. Consider her relationship with Clark before she found out his secret. She would pry into his private business, and even do things that were arguably dastardly, in order to find out what he was hiding. Meanwhile, he would want to tell her, but wouldn’t because he was afraid of how she would react. Now, with Jimmy, she is hiding something “freaky” about herself as Jimmy attempts to find out what she is keeping from him. She’d like to tell him, but she can’t, for the same reasons Clark couldn’t years earlier.

I’m a segue machine here, because another thing I liked is the fact that Clark tried talking Chloe out of getting the procedure done because she would lose her memory and forget about him. He didn’t say so much (not outright, anyway), but you could tell that he was saddened by the prospect of not having her to share his secret with. What a far, far cry from where these two were at only a few years ago. A really great scene, in my opinion.

Dean Cain’s role was enjoyable, but more or less negligible. Considering his relative fame and his legacy in the Superman mythos, I was a bit surprised by the fact that he was such a complimentary character. That is to say, his role mostly just supplemented the stories of those around him, instead of providing anything significant on its own. Most would argue that, by definition, that’s what a guest star does, but I feel like in the past guest stars have provided a bit more individual substance. Not a criticism as much as an observation. Oh, and I was laughing out loud by his “I was Jack the Ripper” comment. Great stuff.

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this new Lex, who is seemingly trying to fight the good fight again. I suppose that, for the time being, it allows them to bide some time before he does become the super duper big bad he’s destined to become. I just hope that the writers don’t make the mistake of having him and Clark become friends again.

I’m also not sure how I feel about Lana becoming this possible extortionist. I understand how the writers are trying to show how the past year (particularly her marriage to Lex) has changed her, but it seems like they’re almost grasping for reasons to keep her on the show. I’ve said countless times that I think Kristin Kreuk is an absolutely beautiful and talented actress, but Lana’s role on the show has long run its course.

Personally, I find Lois’ unseen reporting around the world story arc more interesting.