CHIKARA 10/26 and 10/27 Previews & Predictions

10/26 Bruised

Moscow The Communist Bovine/Dragon Dragon/USApe Vs. Ultramantis Black/Crossbones/Hydra: This marks the return for Moscow, and an even lengthier return for Dragon Dagon, who hasn’t even competed in a CHIKARA ring since the 2006 Young Lions Cup back in 2006. Dragon Dragon returning to CHIKARA after over a year is like HHH returning to WWE after his quad surgery it’s a big deal. Ultramantis Black, a super vegetarian, will not condone the beating of his animal brothers. So I believe he will no partake in the beating of the opposing team, but will encourage the rest of The Solar Neo Temple to do whatever it takes to win. Though, it will not be enough. Dragon Dragon will pin Hydra after a tail-whip.

Winners: Moscow the Communist Bovine/Dragon Dragon/USApe

Jigsaw vs. Dragon Yuki: Jigsaw isn’t used to wrestling singles matches in CHIKARA at all. He’s only had one singles match in CHIKARA this year, and he lost it (to Shayne Hawke at International Invaders II Weekend). Jigsaw has let his anger get the best of him since his loss to the Osirian Portal at Cibernetico and Robin, and I’m calling an upset here.

Winner: Dragon Yuki

Tim Donst vs. Eddie Kingston: This has got to be one of the most anticipated rematches in CHIKARA this year. Tim Donst got manhandled by Kingston earlier this year, and has been out bested by every single one of his competitors (in singles competition) since then. Donst needs to show us why the crowd is behind him, and he needs to show Kingston who is the better man. Kingston’s rage got fuel poured on it when he lost to The Colony back in September, and he needs to redeem himself. Both men are fighting for a reason in this match, and I expect the best from them. These two men will put on the best non-title match of the night. Though Kingston needs the win too, this will be the turnaround point for Donst. After taking a hard beating, he will pull the straps down and go on a rampage and make Kingston tap.

Winner: Tim Donst

Up In Smoke vs. The Osirian Portal: A point a piece, they are battling for point number 2. All of the tag teams in CHIKARA are looking for one thing, and that is for a shot at the Campeanatos De Parejas. Up In Smoke is having a great year putting on a classic against The Olsen Twins at Cibernetico and already racking up 3 points earlier in the year. Up In Smoke will continue their streak to get point 2, but it will be a hard fought victory.

Winners: Up In Smoke

The Colony vs. Brodie Lee and The Olsen Twins: The Olsen Twins are on a role, but so have The Colony. Oh wait Brodie Lee is with The Olsen Twins?

Winners: Brodie Lee and The Olsen Twins

Equinox vs. Mitch Ryder: With the Kings of Wrestling winning the Cibernetico, Mitch Ryder has all the reason to brag about how much the luchadors stink. But Equinox will not let Ryder talk smack about him and his people! Putting up the fight of his life, Equinox will fall victim to Ryder and his evil ways. Either a Piledriver or a Chain-Punch will put Equinox away.

Winner: Mitch Ryder

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chuck Taylor ©: Claudio Castagnoli is set up to destroy the Kings of Wrestling after taking victory at Cibernetico. What better way to continue than to take out the Young Lions Cup Champion? Though it makes most sense to lose, Taylor has been on a super-push since April. He won the Rey De Voladores Tournament, the Young Lions Cup 5 Tournament, and competed in CHIKARA’s Prestigious Annual Cibernetico. This is going to be a good match as these two are spectacular wrestlers, and they both have a lot to fight for here. Castagnoli will add another accomplishment to the list after he beats Taylor with the Ricola Bomb. Either that or Ricochet returns and causes Taylor the Trophy.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Quackenbush © vs. Lince Dorado: I’ve been waiting for this match all year. The steaks couldn’t be higher, as Quack has held this belt for over 5 months now. He needs to prove to Japan that he is deserved the recent stint he had this past weekend by establishing his name as one of the greatest wrestlers to hold that title. Losing it to Lince Dorado would be a crushing blow to Quack and his future in Japan. Dorado needs to gain some confidence after being eliminated by Mitch Ryder in the Cibernetico Match. Another match with high-stakes, a lot is on the line here. Quack, like he did to Donst, will outsmart Lince, a fellow rookie with Donst, and fall victim to one of Quack’s self-invented finishers.

Winner: Mike Quackenbush

CHIKARA Campeonatos De Parejas Title Match
Team FIST © vs. Incoherence: This will be FIST’s 4th Title Defense since they won the belts in November last year. Successfully defending their titles last against Los Ice Creams by 2 falls, you know that Team FIST is working in full unison. Incoherence beat Ultramantis Black and Hydra (twice) and Eddie Kingston and Ruckus to pick up their 3 Points. Team FIST has beaten CHIKARA’s best, from Up In Smoke, to Shane Storm and Jigsaw. Team FIST is on a role, and I doubt Incoherence will be able to stop them. Plus, back in last November, Team FIST beat Incoherence to advance to the finals of a one night tournament for a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. They’ve done it once, they’ll do it again.

Winners: Team FIST (2 falls to 1)

10/27 New Star Navigation Prediction

Up In Smoke vs. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw: Coming fresh off out of Bruised the night before, Up In Smoke have an even bigger challenge ahead of them. Two of the three “Kings of Trios” will try and prove to Cheech and Cloudy why they won the tournament back in February. They’ll try and beat Up In Smoke, but the same chemistry they had in February won’t be there. Instead, there will be a lot of anger from Jigsaw’s side. Up In Smoke will give Quack the “Party Cloudy with a Side of Cheech” and will get the three count. Jigsaw will be PISSED at Quack, which will bring out Shane Storm. The two will fight, and Quack (along with referees) will pull the two apart.

Winners: Up In Smoke (earning their 3rd Point)

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Larry Sweeney: There’s nothing to it, Castagnoli will keep on destroying the Kings of Wrestling until “Chapter 11”, leaving no one to beat but Hero. Ricola Bomb, Castagnoli over.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

The rest of the matches that will take place will hold the theme of “Veterans vs. The Rookies”. The matches most likely won’t be announced until the night of the event, or sometime later this week. Be sure to check out PWG CHIKARticles to see the latest card on Friday. The Colony, Ophidian, Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, Hallowicked, Team FIST, Mitch Ryder, Chuck Taylor, Delirious, Crossbones, Dragon Yuki and Ultramantis Black are featured on the event homepage, so they will more than likely appear.