Grey's Anatomy: Season Three – Seriously Extended – DVD Review

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Created by:
Shonda Rhimes

Ellen Pompeo… Dr. Meredith Grey
Sandra Oh… Dr. Cristina Yang
Katherine Heigl… Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens
Justin Chambers… Dr. Alex Karev
T.R. Knight… Dr. George O’Malley
Chandra Wilson… Dr. Miranda Bailey
James Pickens Jr. … Dr. Richard Webber
Isaiah Washington… Dr. Preston Burke
Patrick Dempsey… Dr. Derek Shepherd

The Show:

By the time the third season of Grey’s Anatomy rolled around, it was no longer the surprising show that it was in its first season, or the sophomore smash that continued to win over critics and fans alike in its second. It was now the face of the ABC network and there was a lot of pressure on Shonda Rhimes and company to continue to produce smart and sassy television as the show headed into its third year.

While most people will remember the third season as being the one where Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight had their highly publicized flare-up, it should almost certainly also be remembered for many phenomenal episodes, shows that were so good that they eventually led to Kate Walsh landing her own spin-off.

Some of the highlights in the third season included Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) finally choosing Derek (Patrick Dempsey) over Finn (Chris O’Donnell), Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) joining the staff of Seattle Grace as an attending, and Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Preston Burke preparing for their wedding.

The third season specifically focused on making its characters as human as possible. The egotistical Alex Kerev (Justin Chambers) was humanized by the disfigured Jane Doe (a patient that he developed a particular attachment to). George (T.R. Knight) was humanized in the way that he deals with his sick father. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) was humanized in the way that she not only dealt with Danny’s death but also with the amount of money that he left her. The Chief as humanized by his relationship with his wife, and how he tried to balance his relationship with her along with his duties at the hospital, eventually deciding that a replacement had to be named so that he was finally able to retire and repair his marriage just like how he had repaired so many patients at Seattle Grace.

While some have accused the show of being too soapy in the amount of focus that it placed on the Derek/Meredith/Addison (Kate Walsh) triangle – which actually became a square this season with the inclusion of McStreamy – the strong development of the supporting characters allowed fresh storylines all the time. This was no longer a show about whether Meredith and McDreamy would make McChildren. It was so much more as each character had layers and problems to resolve.

The mainstream appeal of Grey’s Anatomy is undeniable. It reaches a vast audience of both teenagers and adults alike and it truly is an advertiser’s dream. While many did not expect the show’s brilliance to last as long as it has, the third season proves that it is here to stay. Seriously.

Episode Guide:

Disc One:

Episode 1: Time Has Come Today
Episode 2: I Am a Tree
Episode 3: Sometimes a Fantasy
Episode 4: What I Am

Disc Two:

Episode 5: Oh, the Guilt
Episode 6: Let the Angels Commit
Episode 7: Where the Boys Are
Episode 8: Staring at the Sun

Disc Three:

Episode 9: From a Whisper to a Scream
Episode 10: Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Episode 11: Six Days – Part 1
Episode 12: Six Days – Part 2

Disc Four:

Episode 13: Great Expectations
Episode 14: Wishin’ and Hopin’
Episode 15: Walk on Water
Episode 16: Drowning on Dry Land

Disc Five:

Episode 17: Some Kind of Miracle
Episode 18: Scars and Souvenirs
Episode 19: My Favorite Mistake
Episode 20: Time After Time

Disc Six:

Episode 21: Desire
Episode 22: The Other Side of This Life – Part 1
Episode 23: The Other Side of This Life – Part 2

Disc Seven:
Episode 24: Testing 1-2-3
Episode 25: Didn’t We Almost Have It All


The Video:
The DVD set is presented in a widescreen anamorphic aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Perfect picture with no episodes appearing grainy and there is no evidence of edge enhancement.

The Audio:
The audio is presented in English 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound. The soundtrack of this show in particular almost serves as a character, and it is important to note that the phenomenal audio quality does not take away anything from the songs that are so critical in the series.

Special Features:

Only three episodes feature recorded audio commentary and this immediately costs the set major points. While a couple of the episodes are extended, there is nothing too noticeable that was missing from these episodes when they aired on television.

There are six featurettes present and these includes:

Making Rounds With Patrick Dempsey: Essentially a long interview with McDreamy that takes place at the Miami-Holmstead Speedway where the actor details his love for auto racing. Runs for about 10 minutes and 25 seconds.

Shades Of Grey: One On One With Ellen Pompeo: Same thing. A long interview with the actress where she discusses her character and her season three storylines. Runs for about eight minutes and 40 seconds.

Prescription For Success: Jane Doe Unmasked: An extended interview with Elizabeth Reaser who played the disfigured character/Kerev love interest. Runs for about eight minutes and 30 seconds.

Dissecting Grey’s Anatomy: Featuring 11 unaired scenes from the show. They collective run for about 13 minutes and 30 seconds.

Good Medicine: Favorite Scenes: Self-explanatory, but picked by the cast and crew. Runs for about nine minutes and 25 seconds.

In Stitches: Season 3 Outtakes: Definitely one of the funnier outtake featurettes available. One particular highlight is T.R. Knight’s inability to say a certain word. This extra definitely sums up exactly what the show is. Funny. Runs for about four minutes and 20 secons.

Special trailers are also available for some other ABC properties including Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters and Lost.

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