5oz’s of Fury: UFC 77 Fallout and More!

I think for now on UFC Night at my house is going to be sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink, because each of us dozed off at one point during the night. Whether it was because of the beer or because of getting old is open to debate.

Anywho, this week we take a look at UFC 77 fallout, the newest addition to the heavyweight division (hint: it’s NOT Fedor), what’s next for Tito Ortiz…and Rachelle Leah.

ANDERSON SILVA: Anderson Silva is quickly becoming one of my favourite fighters. He has the two qualities I admire most: he’s honorable, and he just completely beats the shit out of people. Rich Franklin looked like an inflatable tackling dummy when Silva had him in the clinch. Sadly, because the middleweight division is so weak, the only fight I can see having any kind of interest would be if they talked Dan Henderson into going back to the 185 division. Either that, or if someone like Georges St. Pierre went up a division, or someone like Forest Griffin went down.

TIM SYLVIA: I think we all know what’s next for Sylvia; it’s a shot at the world title. It’s been rumored that the winner of the Sylvia/Brandon Vera fight would go on to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the now vacated heavyweight title. I was disappointed in the Sylvia/Vera fight. I hate Sylvia, I’m a big fan of Vera’s, and thought the fight was pretty boring in general.

RICH FRANKLIN: Honestly, I don’t know what’s next for Franklin. One of my associates suggested he drop down to welterweight and dominate that division. I can’t see him cutting down to 170, but if he bulked up to 205, he was originally a light-heavyweight who cut weight for a title shot. Granted the light-heavyweight division is pretty crowded, but he’d still make it interesting.

BROCK LESNAR: All the loser wrestling fans are probably downloading in their shorts over this “breaking news,” but the UFC finally officially announced that they signed Brock Lesnar to a contract. I don’t know what to do with Brock. As impressive looking as he is, he only has a 1-0 record, so it’s up for debate whether or not you protect him for the next few fights. It shouldn’t be hard finding actual fighters to want to test a “professional wrestler” and see if he can scrap.

TITO ORTIZ: Who knew that when Tito Ortiz was holding out on the UFC, it’s because he was holding out for…Donald Trump?!? Apparently Ortiz is one of the contestants on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” and was seen in New York City filming one of Trump’s challenges. Ortiz hanging out with Gene Simmons…that’s some fine television.

And just because Rachelle Leah is really hot…