Fun Injuries.

Well, some are fun anyway.

Vikings Quarterback(in the looses sense of the word) Tavaris Jackson broke his middle finger on his throwing hand in Sunday’s loss at Dallas. I’m sure that explains why he was able to complete such an outstanding amount of passes. 6, for 72 yards, for those of you keeping track. Also in a story from yahoo! there are rumors floating around Vikings camp that, get this, Jackson may NOT be the QB for the Vikings future. This of course, shocks me, how can a second round pick that no one else was even considering drafting, ever, possibly not be the savior of the franchise? Ahh, the Brad Childress years.

In other Injury news, Miami Running Back Ronnie Brown has a torn ACL, all but assuring the Dolphins will not win a game this year. And if that wasn’t bad enough, starting Saftey Renaldo Hill didn’t want Brown to be alone, so he tore his ACL too. Now Brown doesn’t have to worry about being alone during rehab. I’ve just peaked my own interest, does Atlanta play Miami at all later this year? I’d have to watch that just for the sheer horribleness.

Credit:, Yahoo!.com