More on Teddy Hart, Daivari & Lilian Garica

The Wrestling Observer has some details on Teddy Hart’s behaviour in FCW related to his recent firing. When they started running Tuesday shows the talent was instructed to dress business-casual, yet Hart turned up late wearing hologram vest and pants with no shirt. In the main event of the first Tuesday show he was to make a run-in to save Harry Smith from a post-match beatdown, yet after Tom Prichard gave him the signal to go Hart continued to wait and then eventually just walked to the ring. He then did a moonsault off the top rope onto the heels outside the ring, an unplanned spot that was not allowed as all high spots in FCW require prior permission from management. After all that, he refused to help the babyfaces take down the ring like they were scheduled to do. The following Tuesday he behaved in the exact same way and made all the same mistakes, even after Prichard had specifically warned him against doing the moonsault spot. Vince and Stephanie McMahon had already received a negative report on him from OVW and so John Laurinaitis was instructed to let him go, since they felt he simply didn’t fit in with WWE.

Daivari’s contract was slated to expire in February. He had been negotiating a new deal and was making constant storyline pitches to Brian Gerwitz and the other creative team members to try and get himself a decent spot. Since they have been under pressure lately due to the injuries, suspensions and re-writes, nobody gave him much attention. Gerwitz was a fan of Daivari’s but since even he wasn’t seen to be supporting him and things looked bleak, Daivari wound up asking for his release.

Lilian Garcia had been pushing for her feud with Jillian Hall to help promote her new Spanish-language album. She credits Vince McMahon with the idea for the album after she sang the national anthem in Spanish at New Year’s Revolution 2005, which was held in San Juan.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 23 October 2007 (subscribe here)