Make Movement: Candice’s Injury Should Serve As A Reminder

There a few different directions I could go in writing about RAW last night, but the one that has been on mind since last night are how injury storylines are a bad idea, always; how I hope Candice Michelle makes a speedy, healthy recovery after that sick accidental slip from the top rope and enough, ENOUGH of putting talent in the ring without a ton of experience to back them.

I’ve never been a fan of injury storylines as a excuse to put a wrestler on the shelf, I always feels it undercuts serious injuries and creates too much question when a real injury occurs in the ring. Fans should never have to wonder if a injury is real or staged. Wrestling is a dangerous sport, and last night was further evidence that any misstep can create serious injuries. I knew the moment Candice came crashing down from the top, unable to break her fall in time, that it was going to be bad. The audible that was called was the right one and whether or not Beth Phoenix furthered the injury by staying in character to pull her by the head to make the pin is neither here or there at this point. Candice could have easily been paralyzed in a sport that the mainstream media only takes seriously when a tragedy is involved. Candice is definitely lucky only to be expected to be shelved 6-8 weeks instead of much longer. The WWE has pushed her hard, she’s improved in the ring, but she hasn’t spent years in the ring learning the craft as many others in the division have. This is no knock on Candice, but this is further proof that divas should not be training for a few weeks or even months and placed in the ring to compete. I say this because we are forced to witness another pointless Diva search, where if the Diva can last within the year, chances are they going to get trained to wrestle to keep their job. Not only should the Diva search be canceled because those clowns make girls like Candice who is making a reputation of being “one of the boys” and someone who is improving in the sport, look ripe. The Diva search does nothing but poorly reflecting on the girls who are already there and already doing the best they can with what they are given. I wish Candice nothing but the best and full, speedy recovery and to thank her for risking what is her life in the ring. Writers, people in the position to decide what talent is ready for in-ring work should never take for granted how accidents and injuries can happen in the ring, no matter how much more in-ring experience their “partner in the ring” has.

Speaking of partners in the ring, the odd-ball six-person tag team match with Mickie James and Kendrick/London versus Melina and Cade and Murdoch came out of no where and was awkward to watch. I don’t know where the storyline is going but what would be acceptable since Mickie has taken such a ridiculous, ‘we’re going to keep her so far apart from the women’s division it’s not even funny’ placing, she should turn on Kendrick and London for not giving her a chance to shine in the ring when she tagged in herself. I’m also sick and tired of the misuse of Mickie when they have even remotely near a ‘a WWE talent is going to save her from being destroyed because she’s a woman – so naturally she must look at them with a ton of gratitude or a ton of flirting’ hinting storyline. I want psycho Mickie back and maybe now, for unfortunate reasons, may have no choice but to put her back where she belongs – fighting Beth Phoenix, who she had a storyline with a long time ago.

What a world it would be if TNA’s Amazing Kong was in the WWE Women’s Division, wouldn’t it? That woman is massive, being compared as a female Vader, and could take out the mid-card division of men and women both WWE and TNA. TNA needs to run with that realism because Kong should be unbeatable for a long, long time.

The two things that guarantee I will switch the channel? The WWE Diva Search and Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno) on TNA during the second hour. Think about it.

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