The Contender 3 Episode 7

Last week The Contender was replaced by Alfonso Gomez beating Ben Tackie. Sergio Mora fought Elvin Ayala to a draw on the undercard. If you missed the fights you didn’t miss much of anything. The series returns tonight with the first semi-final matchup.

Running in the Street

Yeah. They filmed this. Jaidon talks about his recently deceased father’s influence in his life as he transitions to the sidewalk. Good move there because there was a van behind him. Seems kind of selfish to hog the road. Let that be a message to all you “street runners.” I don’t care how much better the asphalt is on your knees. Get the hell off the street when you are jogging through the ‘hood.

Wayne Johnsen is sparring and is thankful for Pepe’s coaching. Tonight’s fight will be Jaidon Codrington versus Wayne. For some reason it makes me chuckle to hear Pepe say “jab to the belly.” Pepe feels like his fighters are more like his sons and plans to keep in touch with them long after the show ends.

Cribs with Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray invites the guys over to his house to see what materializes from hard work. Sam wants he and his wife to be adopted by Sugar Ray just from looking at the backyard. Paul Smith rejoins the guys for the tour and an outdoor meal. Despite being disqualified, Paul is happy to be leaving The Contender undefeated.

Sugar Ray tells the guys that he turned pro because of his Dad and his health problems. Initially, Ray was going to take an athletic scholarship to Maryland but his father’s hospital bills made him reconsider and eventually led him to turn pro as a boxer.

Weigh In

Jaidon comes in at the 168 pound limit. Wayne weighs in at 167 ½ pounds. The semi-final fight will be eight rounds, three more than the first round fights. The winner advances to the live finale whereas the loser will go home. And home likely means the undercard of the live finale.

Jaidon’s family greets him in the locker room. It is the first time Jaidon has seen anyone from his family since his father passed away. The visit lifts his spirits and now Jaidon feels like he will dominate Wayne. Wayne thinks that Jaidon’s weakness is his chin. He says that no matter how good a fighter is, if he gets hit in the right spot he will fall.

The Fight: Jaidon Codrington vs. Wayne Johnsen

Wayne’s girlfriend says to “pull an Allan Green on his ass.” His girlfriend knows her stuff. Unfortunately her man can’t take a punch. Jaidon lays Wayne’s ass out in the first round. Wayne gets up at nine and a half but the ref doesn’t like what he sees and calls a stop to the fight at 1:17 of the first round.

Jaidon is understandably emotional after the win. His family greets him on the ring apron while Pepe and Sugar Ray do their best to cheer up Wayne. Jaidon says the Contender belt means more to him than a World title. Yeah right.

The Aftermath

Jaidon is sent home to be with his family and says his goodbyes to Sam and Sakio. The two remaining fighters enjoy the silence of each other’s company. Pepe tells Sakio that the key is his left hand. Buddy thinks Sam can upset Sakio. Upset? Sam already beat Sakio earlier in his career. Sakio doesn’t want to knockout Sam. He thinks he can win on points easily. Sakio claims that Sam’s win was a hometown decision that Sam didn’t deserve. Pepe and Sakio are extremely confident about their chances against Sam Soliman.

Next Week

No surprise here. It will be Sam Soliman against Sakio Bika. The winner takes on Jaidon Codrington in a live fight for the Contender championship.