[SPOILERS] Grey's Anatomy – Episode 4-5

Episode 4.05: Haunt You Everyday
Airdate: October 25, 2007

It’s Halloween, and the day is full of surprises for the doctors of Seattle Grace.

Meredith is convinced that her mother’s ashes are haunting her.

Callie announces George and Izzie’s affair to their fellow doctors.

Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca reappears. In this Halloween episode, a fully recovered Ava makes a surprise return and will — at long last — seal the deal with Alex. As with all on-screen love scenes, things are not quite as they seem. The good news about Rebecca’s return is that she isn’t a patient. Rebecca aka Ava is back to fulfill her fantasies. The reunion is a doozy: Alex is told there’s a patient waiting behind curtain three and he heads there, followed by Norman (the world’s oldest intern, played by veteran actor Edward Herrmann), who’s complaining of a tickle in his throat. Alex tells him to suck it up and then pulls the curtain back on the examining area to see Rebecca sitting on the table. “Go make yourself busy, Norman,” he back before pulling the curtain closed. Alex stares longingly at her. Staring back with flushed cheeks, Rebecca tells him all the moms in her suburban neighborhood were dressing up for Halloween, but that she couldn’t decide what to wear. Then she realized: “All I wanted to be was Ava.” Executive producer Krista Vernoff, who also wrote this episode, says Ava, aka Rebecca, “brings out a side we don’t often see underneath the sarcastic, angry Alex.” Rebecca and Alex won’t be just another hit-that-and-run romance. Reaser, in fact, has signed on for an unspecified number of episodes. “Rebecca is a married woman and Alex is an upstanding guy who has quite clearly fallen for her,” says Vernoff, “so it’s a real dilemma and there’s a lot of story to tell.”

Dr. Hahn will be returning for this episode and she’ll make a controversial decision that causes a major rift between Cristina and Izzie. Also, the fallout from Gizziegate will throw Callie and Cristina together in a very unexpected way, and someone is fired from his/her position.

In the episode, some of the ladies working at the hospital formed a sort of club of women who have been hit on by a certain male doctor (Mark?). Erin, the daughter of a man waiting for a heart transplant, gets angry when his father’s state worsens due to the fact the hospital is short staff and that those who are working seems to be more into Halloween than patients. Later, Erin becomes a patient when a Halloween prank goes wrong. A man wants one of his ears to be removed saying that he can’t sleep because of it. When the doctors don’t want to perform this wacky surgery, the man takes matters in his own hands. Ryan, a deaf kid who has a lot of tricks and some lies in his bag, wants to have hearing aids implanted inside his ears and hopes that the doctors will do it pro bono. The doctors also tend to a patient who cut one of his fingers when using a chainsaw to carve a pumpkin.

Guest Cast: Edward Herrmann as Norman, Elizabeth Reaser as Ava, Rocky Carroll as James, Kali Rocha as Sydney, David Clennon as Jack, Dylan Minnette as Ryan, Sarah Utterback as Olivia and Anjul Nigam as Raj.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, ABC, Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide, TV Guide

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