Spaulding's House Of Horrors

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting

~ The third film in the Underworld franchise is set to begin filming in January. It is going to once again pit werewolves waging a historic battle with the vampire culture, but there will be a slight difference from the first two films. Kate Beckinsale is not going to be in it. Underworld 3 is going to be shot in Auckland from January through March and is considered a prequel.

~ Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds begins filming in Louisiana on Halloween day. The third film, Feast 3 begins shooting a month after that as they will be filmed back to back. Writer Marcus Dunstan says they are once again limited to a small budget, but aim to make the best bloodbaths possible for the fans.

Feast IV is also a possibility depending on how the next two films do.

~ The Signal finally has a release date and will hit theatres on February 22, 2008.