Captain's Log: Kid Nation – Episode 6

Last week’s recap is shown with the elections changing up half of the Town Council. Anjay and Laurel got to stick around while Taylor and Mike were replaced with Zach and Guylan respectively. Many were happy to see Taylor lose her position of power; even those that weren’t on the Yellow team. Mike was rather upset he lost his spot because he felt he was by far the best leader. But as things change, sometimes they remain the same. So it’s time to see if the new leaders can take charge.

Bonanza Is Disgusting.

Zach and Guylan are trying to fit into their new leadership duties as things get underway on day seventeen. Right away though Taylor shows her bitterness. Zach sounds the wake-up call for the town and Taylor and her little friends start screaming insults at Zach and saying they won’t listen to him and hate him. Zach doesn’t seem fazed much by it all.

We get the first look at how the trash is beginning to pile up around Bonanza City. If these kids don’t end up working together on this and doing something about it; they are going to get sick and fast.

Town Council heads to read the journal which says to do something about the trash. Anjay’s suggestion is to blow it up and burn it which is vetoed right away. The best idea is to take a few members from each team to take the trash and bury it as far away as possible. Good thing they are only there for like three more weeks.

Two members from each team are selected: Blaine and Greg (Blue), Sophia and Meg (Green), Mike and DK (Red), and in a very nice touch by the new Council, Leila and Taylor (Yellow) round out the field. The idea is to put the trash in carts and wheel it back to where they started out to bury it. Immediately Leila and Taylor run away and hide in a shed since they are “beauty queens that don’t carry trash and bury it.”

I know I shouldn’t hate children but my God.

Laurel and DK can’t convince them to help and say they’ll be back to punish them alter. After getting the trash carted to the dig spot, the holes are underway. Almost immediately Guylan shows his leadership skills may not be the best as he has trouble digging the hole. After a few comments from the other guys, he goes and sits off to the side doing nothing. He could have at least helped put the trash in the holes or something if he wasn’t good at digging. DK gives him a nice pep talk offering help and advice.

Upon getting back to Bonanza City, the Council now finds out that the town’s water supply is almost up. The tank is just about dry and needs to be refilled. Immediately the focus turns to Taylor (HA!) and she is told that her punishment is to get the buckets and refill the water tank. She absolutely refuses in an incredibly bratty moment of throwing the buckets to the ground. She picks them back up and starts for the pump crying.

Taylor is complaining that she isn’t like one of the older boys and can’t do the harder things. Finally she gets the two buckets full and carries them back, but the next thing is just too much. She sets the full buckets down, kicks them over in front of the others, and says “Oops my bad!” GO HOME LITTLE GIRL!

And I thought it was bad a minute ago, wait for this. A mob of kids come together and follow her to her bunkhouse and inside. As she tries to get away from Laurel berating her, the male Council members block the door with Anjay actually holding it shut. Taylor tries to kick him and Laurel says to let her go.

Taylor (walking around town like a brat): “I’m going home. What’s the point? I’m going home!”

Leila: “Fine, go home!”

HA HA HA HA HA! Even her friends are sick of her.

Red is doing the dishes now but the remaining water is not good and actually almost black in color. A group meets together outside to go get the water and bring it back to fill up the tank. Taylor watches from a distance. Mike on the other hand is enjoying his work now and not having to deal with Town Council stress on top of it.


The showdowns continue their “learning curve” as this one is about pollution and recycling. And in an odd scene, there is a gigantic frying pan filled with tons of beans and live pigs. Buried in the beans are cans in the colors of each team. One team member at a time can head in and they have fifteen minutes to find the most cans. If all four teams find a combined seventy-five cans then they win reward.

Let the pork ‘n beans search begin. Greg (Blue) finds a can quickly as Sophia (Green) quickly follows suit. Anjay is in next for Blue and having a very hard time. The other teams are finding can after can while Anjay searches and he says he is having problems because his “bones are still forming.” What?

Red is pulling ahead and even after Anjay finds a can, Blue is still struggling. Taylor even gets into the act and gets all goopy. Blue is still behind but that is until Greg leaps in and finds one in no time flat. Time is up though and it’s can-counting time. Red destroys them all finding twenty-four cans. Yellow comes in second with nineteen. Blue didn’t do as bad as they thought getting seventeen cans. Green is in the labor class again coming in last but they did get…fifteen cans for a grand total of seventy-five.

TRICKERY…there were more Green cans. Green actually ends up with twenty total to jump into second place pushing Blue as the laborers. Good for the Green team. But now it is time for the reward choices. The first one is a wide array of fruits and vegetable making everyone excited because they have grown sick of the breads and other bland foods. But the other choice happens to be two dune buggies with enough gas to keep them going.

As usual, the Town Council hates making the choice but does what is right and takes the vegetables. Everyone runs up and starts chowing down. Seems like a freakish feeding frenzy. Taylor is pissed, big deal.

Yellow goes off to the kitchen and Zach gives the dishwashing chores to Taylor and her little friends. Taylor and Leila decide to make a fruit salad instead which incenses Zach and he goes off on them. He tells them that they are lazy and he will not pay them. He finishes it all off in a big way.

Zach: “And you can forget the gold star forever!”

Laurel: Zach, good job!”

The Red Team is having a water fight because they have nothing else to do. DK gets angry because one kid falls and hurts himself being stupid. DK is getting sick of those around town because they are acting so childish. This is fantastic television I tell you.

Town Council meeting and the gold star discussion includes only DK’s name which is who should get it. After the first couple weeks, it seems that no-one really stands out like Sophia, Morgan, Greg, and such did. It seemed like such a hard decision for the gold star every week and now it appears as if there is barely anyone up for it at all.

The Town Meeting is underway and everyone jumps all over Taylor’s case immediately. She doesn’t care about not doing her punishment or doing any other work because she doesn’t have to and doesn’t want to. Everyone wants her to go home and even chants start up. Awesome. DK stands up though trying to get everyone to calm down. But in a moment of complete shock to me, DK raises his hand when the “does anyone want to go home” question is asked.

He starts saying that he can’t take the drama anymore and needs to go home where he can be with people that love him. Tears are flowing down DK’s face now among many others sitting around. Guylan does a big thing and asks DK to step aside for a minute so they can talk. Guylan assures DK that he is his best friend and truly needed in Bonanza City. And in a heart-warming moment, DK announces he will stay and gets a huge cheer from the other kids.

The next order of business is to hand out the gold star and Guylan announces that it goes to DK. DK looks totally shocked and says that the money will go to funding his six brothers and sister’s educations. That is a great kid. He goes to make his phone call and the love he was looking forward to going home to is quite evident. A party is held for DK and he and Guylan share a nice “brotherhood” moment.

Next week the kids go on a bit of a treasure hunt and end up in a cave. There are a great number of bats in the cave and the noise seems to be affecting them. I can only imagine how some of the younger kids will handle it if there is a swarm. Also, money begins to take its toll on everyone as greed starts to set in. Things are not looking pretty. This is your Captain speaking folks, and I’ll see you next week as the root of all evil hits the kids.

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