TiVo Central – Grey's Anatomy – Episode 4-5

This was the Halloween episode and that meant some weird and freaky stuff happened. Mainly, a guy using a chain saw to cut off his own foot which was perfectly fine, a father getting a new heart from his dead daughter, a little boy getting some new ears, an intern having a stroke, someone telling on someone else, a past love interest returning, and of course Meredith is carrying around her mother’s ashes in a zip-loc bag. Can you say trick or treat!

Mark has been caught by all of the women working in the hospital. They bond together and swear they won’t let Mark sleep with them again. Besides that, Mark and Derek try to “trick” each other the whole night. Not as fun as it could have been really.

Cristina and Callie bonded over their failed relationships during surgery. Callie was blind to her husband having an affair, Cristina was left at the other, etc. The mood changes when Norman, the world’s oldest intern collapses and has a stroke. But back to Callie and Cristina, Callie is her new roommate. That just might work actually.

Before that happened, though, Cristina got another surprise. Dr. Hahn is back. Cristina respected her. She was second in her class behind Burke, if you remember. Anyways Hahn takes Burke’s job at the hospital. But she doesn’t like Cristina. She even tells Cristina that she thinks she only sleeps with her “bosses” to advance her career. Interesting thought and she could be right, since Cristina does seem to want to do anything to get ahead. That should be a fun relationship to explore later.

Meredith and Lexie continue their awkwardness. They must be family, since Meredith is carrying around her mom’s ashes for some reason. Lexie tells Meredith she dug up her mom’s dead cat and buried it next to her mom. They are both weird. Meredith eventually pours her mom’s ashes down the drain to let her mom finally “rest in peace” I guess. You see, she does it at the hospital which is where Meredith thinks she would want to be “buried”. Dr. Webber even comes in to join in on the fun.

Alex welcomes another addition to the love **insert random shape here**. Rebecca a.k.a. Ava a.k.a. Jane Doe returns to make out with Alex. Apparently she wants to be with him, but she doesn’t know if he wants to be with her really or something like that. This lead to them having sex in the hospital and then Alex off to worry about other things before her. So she leaves and who knows what that means exactly.

Izzie and George are not as active in this episode. But there is some development with them on individual fronts. Izzie tells Cristina off. She says Cristina and Meredith can do whatever they want and it’s fine, but she can’t get any slack. You see, Callie told everyone in the locker room that Izzie had been sleeping with George. So the secret is out. Izzie was right, though, Meredith did sleep with Derek when he was married and Cristina wasn’t mad about that. She seems disappointed in Izzie, though. Stop being a hypocrite Cristina.

Bailey actually steals this episode. She is the “voice of reason” for George. She tells George that he is not a bad guy. He did a bad thing in committing adultery, but everything is not black and white. All is not what it seems. So basically she doesn’t think George is a bad guy for sleeping with Izzie while he was married. She knows what he had went through and she knows his head wasn’t right. So it looks like George finally realizes that what he did is not as bad as it sounds. Not saying it was right or wrong, all I’m saying that a marriage without feelings it just a piece of paper. I never bought Callie and George being a couple. George just didn’t want to be lonely anymore after his dad died and Callie was there for him, so hello marriage. There were no feelings behind the marriage, though. They might have loved each other, but they were never “in love”. That’s the “gray” area that Bailey was referring to. There is not always right and wrong, there can be shades of gray. In the end of this episode, George and Izzie give each other a smile that really DOES have feeling behind it and if you didn’t notice that you need to get your eyes checked. No way are they the “perfect couple”, but they are trying. That’s all you can ask of them.

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