Top 100 Moments Of The L Word #100-91

Yeah, I know…it was supposed to 400. Shit just kinda happened though in the last few months and kinda sidetracked my life a bit as a result.

But now I’m back with a vengeance!!! And since we’re about 70 days away from the Season 5 premiere, we’re gonna chop things down a bit to Top 100. Only the best!

So now, let’s begin!!!

#100 – Once A Lesbian, Always A Lesbian

Episode – Literary License To Kill (411)

Kicking off the Top 100 is a moment that depending on who you ask was long overdue, as Tina and Henry appear to finally be going their seperate ways. It’s a relationship that had started in earnest near the end of Season 3 and after all the two had been through, the relationship no longer appeared to be worth it. The differences between Tina and Henry become too much as they argue in the kitchen with the underlying motive that Tina is apparently interested in women again. “Once a lesbian, always a lesbian,” Henry retorts to the whole conversation. He’s no longer in the mood for anything in the kitchen as he drifts off into the Land Of The Dead Marios, leaving the floor open to Tina to figure out where she wants to go from here in her life.

Note Of Fun

It’s been my experience that there aren’t too many Tina/Henry ‘shippers roaming about the fandom. While many were happy with the breakup happening, there was still the overriding feeling that said relationship should have never started in the first place. For TiBetters, Henry Young has become synonymous with Candace Jewell in the Unmentionable Evil category.

#99 – Don’t Shelter The Mouse

Episode – Lacuna (213)

It’s the warning shot everyone should have heeded to. Alice and Dana have seen their romantic relationship hit a stressful strain, especially since the return of Lara on the scene. Departing from the just finished concert festival including Heart and BETTY, the two lovers head for the exits, arguing about the state of their relationship. Alice appears to be suffocating Dana with her clinginess, something that concerns Alice as she doesn’t want to be like that. A story about a mouse being suffocated from too much protection is brought into play with Dana uttering the plea, “don’t shelter the mouse.” In the end, it’s determined that the saddest part of all is that neither can go to their best friend to talk about their relationship problems, because they are each other’s best friends.

Note Of Fun

During the time this Season 2 finale episode was airing, Dana’s ultimate fate was already being determined for Season 3 filming. This moment provides an example as to how part of the purpose for Seasons 1 through 3 was to give us the last couple of dramatic years of Dana’s life.

#98 – 3rd Wheel

Episode – Late, Later, Latent (209)

It wasn’t the coda people were expecting. Kit had been feeling very down and to keep herself from hitting the bottle once again, she went to an AA meeting where Ivan Aycock, a former would-be flame for Kit awaited. With the meeting over, the two Planet owners head off to a club where Ivan frequents. Kit is introduced to Iris, a woman that Ivan had been seeing for years…including the time in which Ivan was attempting to court Kit. Kit is taken aback by this and verbally goes off on Ivan before storming off.

Note Of Fun

To date, this has been the last appearance of Ivan, currently off in the Land Of Dead Marios. One would have to think that Ivan’s gonna turn up again eventually. …Right?

#97 – Do You Want To Try It?

Episode – Luck Be A Lady (406)

The sexual tension between Bette and Jodi had been building up for a short time and now it’s about to reach its apex. Bette arrives with her newly developed sign language skills and communicates with Jodi about the feelings, which appear completely mutual. When asked to give it a try, Bette begins to weep. They kiss and the kiss leads to even more inside Jodi’s studio, the two of them making love into the evening.

Note Of Fun

There are those who like the chemistry between Jennifer Beals and Marlee Matlin and there are those who don’t think any chemistry exists between them at all. Count me among the former (as I duck the objects thrown at me from TiBetters everywhere). Not counting flashback sequences, this would bring Bette’s sexual partners up to 5 if I’m not mistaken. The other 4 being Tina, Candace, Twink (the 1 night stand from Season 2) and Nadia C.

#96 – My Family

Episode – Layup (404)

It’s Parents Night at the school and Shay’s older sister, Shane is reluctantly there as the guardian. After a snide remark about her made by someone in passing, Shane is then verbally nurtured by another woman, who then introduces herself to her. Her name is Paige and her son attends the school as well. Shane is still unsure about any positive impact she possibly could have on her little brother when the teacher calls her aside to look at a picture Shay had made. On the wall is the picture that nearly overwhelms Shane. It’s called, “My Family,” and it’s a picture of Shay holding hands with his big sis.

Note Of Fun

This moment is notable for a number of reasons. First off, it contributes greatly to the evolution of Shane’s character. It also introduces us to Paige Sobel, who will be part of Shane’s life through at least the end of Season 4. And also the teacher! Mrs. Rapson is her name, but if she looks familiar, that’s because in Season 1 we were introduced briefly to a lady named, “Marian,” who was played by the same person, Beverly Breuer. Marian made an apperance at the big Republican get-together honoring Sharon Fairbanks, Dana’s Mom. “We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?” Now the question becomes, are Marian and Mrs. Rapson one in the same…or twins??? *cue dramatic music*

#95 – Bread For Toast

Episode – Liberally (110)

Tim and Trish make a cute couple, but there’s just one problem. Tim is Assitant Coach of CU’s swim team and Trish is on the team. Jenny still lives at the residence, despite the bitter breakup with Tim and doesn’t want him getting in trouble with the school or Randy, the Head Coach. At this particular moment however, she’s thrown off guard as she finds herself face to face with Trish outside. Fumbling for something to say, Jenny awkwardly explains a story about going out to the grocerry store…to get some bread…for toast.

Note Of Fun

All the Jenny Loves Bread jokes pretty much insured a spot on the list. In the grander scheme of things, this moment probably doesn’t mean much. However it has become the stuff of running joke legend in some fandom circles and I’m as guilty as anyone for keeping the joke going over the years. So to Mia Kirschner, I raise a piece of toast in your honor. Here’s to ya!

#94 – Dinner Party For Jodi

Episode – Little Boy Blue (410)

Whenever the Group Of Friends get together like this, entertainment and possible disaster can always loom and here, we get it in abundance. Everyone has gathered at the table outside for the party. Despite Jodi’s insistance otherwise, Bette decides to translate everything said by everyone, slightly annoying Jodi in the process. Bette’s drive for control over all she sees also causes some tension between herself and Tina, who has Kate with her. Shane and Paige are there, fresh from a, “storytime,” session, along with Jenny, Alice, Kit and Papi. Kit, who’s been going through her own issues with Angus, feeds into her alcoholic addiction with Papi alongside her, just trying to be there for her. Bette begins to make demands to Kit and her friends about the drinking, causing Kit to leave and bring a downer on the whole evening.

Note Of Fun

A fun fact that we learned from this get-together was that Jodi was into auto racing as a little girl. So who knows? Maybe we’ll have a Season 6 and in that year, we’ll have some Erin Crocker lookin’ gal show up as part of the cast. Plus, it’ll fill in that, “professional lesbian athlete,” void that’s been sorta left behind since Losing The Light. Just an idea, though…nothin’ more.

#93 – Do You Take It…

Episode – Labyrinth (205)

The Eternal Dana Struggle is in full swing, only with Tonya in Lara’s place and Alice serving as the foil. Dana, Tonya and Alice are all shopping together at an adult store. Hilarity ensues. At one point, Alice’s bisexuality is challenged with popsicles being presented towards her. One is shaped like male genitalia while the other shaped like a woman’s breast. Frustrated, Alice watches Dana and Tonya continue shopping as she takes a huge bite out of the titsicle.

Note Of Fun

Say what you will about Tonya, but pretty much any scene with her, Dana and Alice all interacting almost always resulted in entertainment gold.

#92 – Bette Ends It With Nadia C

Episode – Layup (404)

It was a short affair and one that Bette wasn’t afraid to end. Nadia, looking to possibly use the affair as a catapult to bigger and better things careerwise begins to try and assert some sort of control during one of Bette’s lectures. As the lecture ends, Dean Porter summons Nadia C for a discussion. Nadia wants to keep the relationship going, but seeing through her attempt at a powerplay, Bette makes it clear that she’s not afraid to have her career ruined if it means disciplining Nadia for continuing to persue a relationship. Nadia C gets the picture and that’s that.

Note Of Fun

Bette Porter’s attitude and drive is kinda like the Force in Star Wars. It can be used for both good and evil. Here, the Dean uses those powers for the Jedi side of things and does it with style. This is also the last we see of Nadia C (I refer to her as Nadia C, because Season 1 gave us another Nadia who was with Gabby Deveaux…yeah, I’m just picky like that).

#91 – A Game Of Too Hot

Episode – Loneliest Number (203)

One of the sexier moments of Season 2 commences here as Shane and Carmen engage in a game called Too Hot. In this game, the two lovers kiss one another, but they cannot touch or pull away. The winner gets to make the loser do whatever she wants. Carmen deploys a Ric Flair-like tactic in rulebending by arching back slightly, causing Shane to quickly catch her, so she doesn’t fall off the bed. This gives Carmen the victory and she tells her, “bitch,” to get down on the bed.

Note Of Fun

Shane/Cherie, Shane/Carmen and Shane/Paige were all hot couplings and the major commonality between them is Shane. And that, my friends is why Shane is so damn cool.

Coming soon…moments #90-81!