The Unit Season 2 – DVD Review

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David Mamet, Shawn Ryan and Eric L. Haney
Dennis Haysbert ………. Jonas Blaine
Scott Foley ………. Bob Brown
Robert Patrick ………. Colonel Tom Ryan
Max Martini ………. Mack Gerhardt
Demore Barnes ………. Hector Williams
Michael Irby ………. Charles Grey
Regina Taylor ………. Molly Blaine
Audrey Marie Anderson ………. Kim Brown
Abby Brammell ………. Tiffy Gerhardt

Summer Glau ………. Crystal Burns
Michael O’Neill ………. Ron Cheals
Rebecca Pidgeon ………. Charlotte Ryan
Daniel Wisler ………. Jeremy Erhart

The Show:
OK, so Fox recently implemented a policy that reviewers would no longer get full copies of certain TV on DVD sets, but rather the last disc of the set (which usually, but not always, contains the special features). I’d assume that this is to help combat DVD piracy prior to official release dates, which I think is great, but sucks for someone like myself who was looking forward to catching up with a show, and this is most definitely the case with The Unit.

So I really don’t have too much to say here. Based on the last disc, I can tell you that the split between missions and homefront are about the same as it was last season, and that the season finale sets up some interesting things for season three to resolve.

I can also tell you that it’s pretty easy to get into the flow of an episode, even if you don’t know all the players. It’s not quite a procedural style, but I think that the description of episode development in the Special Features lends a lot of insight into why this is so.

As for episodes… normally I try to give a synopsis for each episode, but I’m generally not comfortable with doing that unless I’ve seen at least part of each episode. You have my apologies there. But in “Paradise Lost”, look for UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture as a guard. He doesn’t look out of place at all.

As well, the rating given below is based on the single disc I was given. I think that if you’re a fan of The Unit, you’ll pick this up anyway, but definitely, give the show a try if you have the chance.

Disc One:
2-1, “Change of Station”
2-2, “Extreme Rendition”
2-3, “The Kill Zone”
2-4, “Manhunt”

Disc Two:
2-5, “Force Majeure”
2-6, “Old Home Week”
2-7, “Off the Meter”
2-8, “Natural Selection”

Disc Three:
2-9, “Report by Exception”
2-10, “Bait”
2-11, “Silver Star”
2-12, “The Broom Cupboard”

Disc Four:
2-13, “Sub Conscious”
2-14, “Johnny B. Good”
2-15, “The Water is Wide”
2-16, “Games of Chance”

Disc Five:
2-17, “Dark of the Moon”
2-18, “Two Coins”
2-19, “Outsiders”
2-20, “In Loco Parentis”

Disc Six:
2-21, “Bedfellows”
2-22, “Freefall”
2-23, “Paradise Lost”

The DVD:
Special Features:
Audio Commentary
There are two commentaries on the sixth disc, for “Freefall” and “Paradise Lost”.

Paradise Lost: The Making of the Season 2 Finale
Eric Haney takes us through the creation of the episode from conception to air. Interesting in that the show kind of reverse engineers the story, coming up with the resolution and working backward to the beginning.

Mission: The Making of “Sub Conscious”
Dark of the Moon: Working with Weapons

Ratings for The Unit Season 2 (based on the screener disc)
(OUT OF 10)